Death In Door County

Author: Rosalind Burgess
ISBN: 9780692303979
Size: 23.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Val embarks on a Mother's Day visit to her mom in Door County, Wisconsin, a peninsula filled with artists, lighthouses, and natural beauty. Her daughter, Emily, has arrived from LA to accompany her, and at the last minute her best friend, Kit, invites herself along. Val and Kit have barely unpacked their suitcases when trouble and tension greet them, in the form of death and a disturbing secret they unwittingly brought with them. As they get to know the locals, things take a sinister turn. And when they suspect someone close to them might be involved in blackmail-or worse-Val and Kit do what they do best: they take matters into their own hands in their obsessive, often zany, quest to uncover the truth.

Death At Gills Rock

Author: Patricia Skalka
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres
ISBN: 0299304507
Size: 18.26 MB
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Spring brings not new life but tragic death to the isolated fishing village of Gills Rock. Three prominent World War II veterans who are about to be honored for their military heroics die from carbon monoxide poisoning during a weekly card game. Blame falls to a faulty heater but Cubiak puzzles over details. When one of the widows receives a message claiming the men "got what they deserved," he realizes that there may be more to the deaths than a simple accident.

Death In Cold Water

Author: Patricia Skalka
ISBN: 9780299309206
Size: 34.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Green Bay Packers #1 fan has gone missing, and old bones wash up on the Lake Michigan shore, in this third installment in the Dave Cubiak Door County Mystery series."

Death Rides The Ferry

Author: Patricia Skalka
Publisher: Dave Cubiak Door County Myster
ISBN: 9780299318000
Size: 11.77 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Sheriff Dave Cubiak is ensnared in a killer's cunning gambit. It's a sparkling August day on Washington Island and the resonant notes of stringed instruments float on the breeze toward sailboats and the approaching ferry. After a forty-year absence, the Viola da Gamba Festival has returned to the picturesque isle on the tip of Wisconsin's Door County peninsula. Sheriff Dave Cubiak enjoys a rare day off as tourists and a documentary film crew hover around the musicians. The jubilant mood sours when the ferry arrives and an unidentified passenger is found dead. Long-time residents recall with dismay the disastrous festival decades earlier, when another woman died and a valuable sixteenth-century instrument--the fabled yellow viol--vanished, never to be found. Cubiak follows a trail of murder, kidnapping, and false identity that leads back to the calamitous night of the twin tragedies. With the lives of those he holds most dear in peril, the sheriff pursues a ruthless killer into the stormy northern reaches of Lake Michigan.

The Death And Life Of The Great Lakes

Author: Dan Egan
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393246442
Size: 22.29 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4181
A landmark work of science, history and reporting on the past, present and imperiled future of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes—Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Superior—hold 20 percent of the world’s supply of surface fresh water and provide sustenance, work and recreation for tens of millions of Americans. But they are under threat as never before, and their problems are spreading across the continent. The Death and Life of the Great Lakes is prize-winning reporter Dan Egan’s compulsively readable portrait of an ecological catastrophe happening right before our eyes, blending the epic story of the lakes with an examination of the perils they face and the ways we can restore and preserve them for generations to come. For thousands of years the pristine Great Lakes were separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the roaring Niagara Falls and from the Mississippi River basin by a “sub-continental divide.” Beginning in the late 1800s, these barriers were circumvented to attract oceangoing freighters from the Atlantic and to allow Chicago’s sewage to float out to the Mississippi. These were engineering marvels in their time—and the changes in Chicago arrested a deadly cycle of waterborne illnesses—but they have had horrendous unforeseen consequences. Egan provides a chilling account of how sea lamprey, zebra and quagga mussels and other invaders have made their way into the lakes, decimating native species and largely destroying the age-old ecosystem. And because the lakes are no longer isolated, the invaders now threaten water intake pipes, hydroelectric dams and other infrastructure across the country. Egan also explores why outbreaks of toxic algae stemming from the overapplication of farm fertilizer have left massive biological “dead zones” that threaten the supply of fresh water. He examines fluctuations in the levels of the lakes caused by manmade climate change and overzealous dredging of shipping channels. And he reports on the chronic threats to siphon off Great Lakes water to slake drier regions of America or to be sold abroad. In an age when dire problems like the Flint water crisis or the California drought bring ever more attention to the indispensability of safe, clean, easily available water, The Death and the Life of the Great Lakes is a powerful paean to what is arguably our most precious resource, an urgent examination of what threatens it and a convincing call to arms about the relatively simple things we need to do to protect it.

Haunted Door County

Author: Gayle Soucek
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1614235465
Size: 54.32 MB
Format: PDF
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Because Door County received its name from "Death's Door," the perilous strait with more freshwater shipwrecks than anywhere else in the world, it should be no surprise that the idyllic county has plenty of ghostly history. In the company of storyteller Gayle Soucek, meet lighthouse keepers whose sense of duty extends beyond the grave. Catch a glimpse of the phantom ship Le Griffon, never seen for more than a moment since it sailed through a crack in the ice in 1679. And it is not just the waters of Door County that carry the freight of haunted tales--Country Road T has its share of spooks, bizarre beasts have caused disturbances in the woods and there are whispered rumors that infamous gangster Al Capone added to the county's stock of ghosts through a handful of brutal murders, including an ex-girlfriend and two unacknowledged children.

A Winsome Murder

Author: James DeVita
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres
ISBN: 029930440X
Size: 10.85 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A serial killer brings bloody murder to the pastoral Wisconsin town of Winsome Bay, requiring the expertise of detective James Mangan, a hard-bitten Chicago cop with an unexpected knowledge of Shakespeare.

Furnace Murder

Author: Harvey W. Rowe
ISBN: 9780983567035
Size: 20.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A son of a local sheriff provides an insider's view of small town life and crime. Also probes the tragic life of the victim during the decades leading up to her brutal end in 1948. It is a tale of wealth and prominence, and the curse of death.

Death In A Pink Cadillac The Door County Special

Author: Kathy Buchen
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1543927009
Size: 15.59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The humor ramps up when Rhi and Didi, the Lucy and Ethel of crime fighters, crash a Supreme Cosmetics workshop while on vacation in Door County. Supreme Cosmetics is owned by Fantastic (Frantastic) Fran, President and resident Valkyrie in charge. The narcissistic "I'm just fabulous" diva of her own cosmetics empire is hated by many. When Frantastic Fran ends up dead in her pink Cadillac, dead from her big hair extensions to the tips of her pink soled Manolo Blahniks, the dynamic duo of Rhi and Didi go to work to solve the crime. Of course, there are multiple suspects to choose from. Is the murderer Fran's jealous ex-husband, her best high school frenemy, her current toy boy, her much put upon assistant, her marketer with the deep dark secret, or one of the attendees of her workshop who has an ancient ax to grind? Suspects, plot twists, and red herrings abound. Rhi and Didi, best friends since kindergarten, go on a cheese head adventure spree in the country to ferret out the killer. Along the way, they encounter the meanest pig in history, a bewigged bi-polar madman, a few twisted vengeful psychos, a Russian mob retiree boss, and a lot of general craziness. Rhi dons a Marlene Dietrich look alike costume and disguises herself as a mob moll, takes a dive off a cliff into Lake Michigan, hitches a ride on a farm truck where she meets the Hound of the Baskervilles, and ends up in the confessional seeking sanctuary in the Catholic Church. Rhi, in the spirit of the cozy mystery, includes easy recipes for those who, like her, cannot cook, bake, sew, knit, or crochet, and failed Home Ec. She also feeds the soul as well as the body with poetry at the start of every chapter. In this episode in the sleuthing life of Rhi Nolan, our intrepid heroine gives us the therapeutic answer to all of life’s problems; chocolate. Rhiannon’s Door County vacation from her law practice in New Belgium, LaFollette County, on the edge of Lake Michigan, might be a respite from the colorful characters in her everyday life, but it’s no vacation from murder and mayhem. It's a wild ride and another great adventure for Rhi and Didi, at large and lovable as ever. Welcome to the series that various readers have said is, “Brilliant, can’t put down reading, entertaining, clever, witty, great, hysterical, laugh out loud funny, and everything a cozy mystery should be. Funnier than Lucille Ball. My sides hurt from laughing. Write faster! I can’t wait for the next one!”