Confusing Faith

Author: Lemuel Manalon
Publisher: Author
Size: 46.77 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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As a result of extreme tolerance for every worldview and religious pluralism, people – including Christians – often ignore or misapply Biblical standards in their daily life. This comes down to the difference between belief about God and actually living by His design, which can be disorienting to both believers and nonbelievers because of our overly saturated religious creeds. CONFUSING FAITH presents well-rounded perspectives and resolutions to some of the most common issues we face in overcoming this dilemma such as: • Christian clichés • Unbelief as a default status • Spiritual immaturity • Our carnal hearts • Misguided leadership and teachings • The unending “sin-repent-repeat” cycle • Misconceptions about faith • Misapplication of some Biblical principles This book aims to remove sugar-coating and make-believing that are deeply rooted in the mainstream Christianity. By iterating basic spiritual facts taken from the Bible, Author Lemuel Manalon seeks to address these spiritual uncertainties for the purpose of mending and empowering the readers’ personal approach with God as the actual “statement of faith.”

Why Are These Books In The Bible And Not Others Volume One A Translator S Perspective On The Canon Of The Old Testament

Author: Gary F. Zeolla
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1365495728
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This Volume One of a three volume set will study the books included in the Old Testament (OT) and consider other books that could have been included in it but were not. Each of the 39 books in the OT will be reviewed in detail, and it will be explained why they were included in the OT. Then the debate about the “extra” books found in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Bibles as compared to Protestant and Jewish Bibles will be addressed. Lastly, other books that some wonder why they are not included in the OT will be discussed. It will be explained why these books were rejected.


Author: Michael J. Findley
Publisher: Findley Family Video Publications
Size: 14.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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To Dislodge an enemy's foothold, you have to know he is one. Take a breakneck ride through thousands of years of history, science, and literature to discover the truth about Secular Humanism, its roots, and its impact from the beginning until now. These fifty brief pages could change everything. Can you afford not to read them?

Quantum Computing And Communications

Author: Sandor Imre
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118725476
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Quantum computers will revolutionize the way telecommunications networks function. Quantum computing holds the promise of solving problems that would be intractable with conventional computers by implementing principles from quantum physics in the development of computer hardware, software and communications equipment. Quantum-assisted computing will be the first step towards full quantum systems, and will cause immense disruption of our traditional networks. The world’s biggest manufacturers are investing large amounts of resources to develop crucial quantum-assisted circuits and devices. Quantum Computing and Communications: Gives an overview of basic quantum computing algorithms and their enhanced versions such as efficient database searching, counting and phase estimation. Introduces quantum-assisted solutions for telecom problems including multi-user detection in mobile systems, routing in IP based networks, and secure ciphering key distribution. Includes an accompanying website featuring exercises (with solution manual) and sample algorithms from the classical telecom world, corresponding quantum-based solutions, bridging the gap between pure theory and engineering practice. This book provides telecommunications engineers, as well as graduate students and researchers in the fields of computer science and telecommunications, with a wide overview of quantum computing & communications and a wealth of essential, practical information.

How We Got The Bible

Author: John Sailhamer
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0310203910
Size: 80.82 MB
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This is a series of brief reference books for laypeople designed to be read in units of one or two pages.

Luther And His Times

Author: Michael Grzonka
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1365515893
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When Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castle Church in 1517, the hammering in Wittenberg was heard across Europe. As we commemorate this event five hundred years later, the echos are still reverberating throughout Western civilization. For Lutherans and non-Lutherans alike, this brief backgrounder explains why the Protestant reformation happened, what it meant at the time, and why it still remains relevant today - half a millennium later. The book focuses on the historic roots and context of the Reformations in Germany and England, as well as the key spiritual concepts behind them. Over 300 footnotes serve as pointers to original sources, many available online and for free. A kick-starter for your own Reformation research!

Hebrew Aramaic Index To The Septuagint

Author: T. Muraoka
Publisher: Baker Pub Group
Size: 43.81 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An internationally renowned Septuagint scholar has compiled a user-friendly Hebrew index to the Septuagint. The index is keyed to the Hatch and Redpath Concordance.

Autobiography Of A Yogi Pb Grk

Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
Publisher: Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers
ISBN: 9780876121290
Size: 41.64 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Selected as "One of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the 20th Century," Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi has been translated into over 20 languages, and is regarded worldwide as a spiritual classic. It reads like an adventure story while answering questions about religion, God, existence, yoga, higher consciousness, and the challenges of daily spiritual living. It is a book for people of all faiths - anyone yearning to know what life is truly all about. Self Realization Fellowship's editions, and non others, incorporate all of the author's significant revisions to the text of the 1946 first edition.