Author: Thomas Mullen
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 150113387X
Size: 53.62 MB
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"Responding to orders from on high, the Atlanta Police Department is forced to hire its first black officers, including war veterans Lucius Boggs and Tommy Smith. The newly minted policemen are met with deep hostility by their white peers: they aren't allowed to arrest white suspects, drive squad cars, or set foot in the police headquarters. When a black woman who was last seen in a car driven by a white man turns up dead, Boggs and Smith suspect white cops are behind it. Their investigation sets them up against a brutal cop, Dunlow, who has long run the neighborhood as his own, and his partner, Rakestraw, a young progressive who may or may not be willing to make allies across color lines"--Amazon.com.

Darktown Strutters

Author: Wesley Brown
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 9781558492707
Size: 61.10 MB
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This historic novel about blackface minstrels explores below the surface. Eric Lott, writing for African American Review, described it as A novel of ideas devoted to exploring the complex fate of black and white Americans caught, as ever, in a racial history they can neither surmount nor escape.

Dark Town Redemption

Author: Gary Hardwick
Publisher: Gary Hardwick
ISBN: 0985475900
Size: 62.26 MB
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Anger... Fire... and Murder.A boy is killed in 1967 Detroit after the worse riot in American history. The three white cops at the scene are exonerated.Robert Jackson, a black Vietnam vet is devastated by the death of his younger brother. Thomas Riley, one of the cops involved, harbors a terrible secret.Robert transforms into a deadly street detective, hounding his enemies but drowning his heart in darkness. Thomas fights back with equal measure but the struggle is turning his life to ruin.As each man becomes trapped in the mystery, the unrest of the decade threatens to destroy the nation, legendary leaders are assassinated and Motown's glorious music frames the turbulent picture.Robert moves closer to the truth, forcing Thomas to a dangerous confrontation. And just as both men look into the abyss, an event occurs which galvanizes the nation and uncovers the elusive killer and his shocking motive. But justice will carry a price that must be paid with the most precious of human currency.Dark Town Redemption is set against the epic backdrop of true events in the most violent and important year in 20th century America.

Lights In A Dark Town

Author: Meriol Trevor
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1681497611
Size: 42.56 MB
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In 1849 Emmeline Erle and her widowed mother move from sunny southern Europe to cold and grimy Birmingham, England. The town is one of great contrasts: progress and poverty, industrial expansion and murky slums, new villas and filthy streets. Darkness and light battle in the minds of its people: principles of freedom and tolerance struggle with ignorance and prejudice; deep doubt of religious truth coexists with fanaticism. Emmeline quickly makes friends in her new home— Lizzie, the hardworking servant, and Daniel, the schoolboy living next door. For both Emmeline and Daniel, Father John Henry Newman, who runs a chapel in one of the worst sections town, becomes the most important person in Birmingham. Daniel and Emmeline come to know and admire Father Newman as he tries to help poor factory workers and to enlighten citizens blinded by suspicion and bigotry. With him they experience the anxieties of a cholera outbreak and the dangers of anti-Catholic riots. Caught up in one excitement or trouble after another, the young people finally arrive at happier times, while the walls of Father Newman's new church, a symbol of light in a dark town, rise into the smoggy Birmingham sky. This colorful and dramatic story for youth brilliantly unfolds the panorama of Victorian England—the Industrial Revolution, the Oxford movement, the Crystal Palace, and Prince Albert opening a new railway. But above all, this book portrays the character and wisdom of John Henry Newman.


Author: Roger McReynolds
Publisher: Gold Rush Games
ISBN: 9781890305178
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Dark Town

Author: Lambert M Surhone
ISBN: 9786136157764
Size: 33.68 MB
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Dark Town is a comic book by Canadian cartoonist Kaja Blackley. It was illustrated by Vanessa Chong and published by Mad Monkey Press. A man, Jacques De Bergerac, is in a coma after being in a car accident. He finds himself in Dark Town, where the land is dominated by strange living, breathing puppets and marionettes with button eyes. The Lords of Dark Town are trying to kill Jacques, and use his body in the real world as a vessel for an agent of Dark Town. There's only one problem, Jacques' imagination. He carries it with him always, in a red suitcase. It protects him from the horrors of Dark Town.

Whitehall And Coplay

Author: Martha Capwell Fox
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738536279
Size: 59.22 MB
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When the first German, Huguenot, and Scotch-Irish settlers arrived in what is now Whitehall Township nearly three hundred years ago, their lives were fraught with peril. Some of the first families were nearly wiped out in raids during the French and Indian War. After the United States was established, the township settled into a long tranquil farming period, which lasted until the arrival of iron and the iron horse in the 1850s. Then, the Lehigh Valley became the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. Communities such as Egypt, Hokendauqua, Coplay, and Fullerton sprang up around iron mills, cement plants, and railroads. The new industries brought entrepreneurs, innovators, and immigrants to Whitehall and Coplay, changing the face of the township in many ways that are still visible today.