Cut Throat

Author: Sharon Sala
Publisher: MIRA
ISBN: 1488098344
Size: 75.17 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6591
Revisit book 2 of the Kat Dupree novels—a fan-favorite romantic suspense series from New York Times best-selling author Sharon Sala He killed her once... Throat slashed and left for dead next to her murdered father, a thirteen-year-old girl vows to hunt down the man who did this to them—Solomon Tutuola. Now grown, bounty hunter Cat Dupree lets nothing—or no one—stand in the way of that deadly promise. Not even her lover, Wilson McKay. Their sexually charged encounters leave McKay wanting more, but Cat is determined to keep her distance. She doesn’t need a man making emotional demands, not now, when revenge is near. Suspecting that Tutuola is still alive, despite witnessing the horrific explosion that should have killed him, Cat follows a dangerous money trail to Mexico, swearing not to return until she’s certain Tutuola is dead—even if it means destroying her very soul... Originally published in 2007

The Imperiled Cutthroat

Author: Greg French
Publisher: Patagonia
ISBN: 1938340582
Size: 67.12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4074
Yellowstone, the world’s first national park and one of America’s truly great trout fisheries, has been a crucible for ideas on how to look after wild places. Renowned Australian fishing writer Greg French gives a sparkling firsthand account of how the park’s history, landscapes, wildlife, and people have touched anglers worldwide — and why this matters. The Imperiled Cutthroat is a travelogue that covers the story of the Yellowstone cutthroat trout: its discovery, biology, decimation, modern-day allure, and uncertain future. Although set against the dramatic backdrop of Yellowstone, comparisons to Australia, New Zealand, and Europe are inevitable. It is a cautionary tale too, ending up in Mongolia, which is as pristine as Montana once was. The Yellowstone fishery is at a crossroads, and debate about what to do is dangerously narrow. Anglers everywhere need to be constantly reminded that hatcheries are far from a panacea for ailing fisheries: fostering conservation of the natural environmental delivers far better outcomes at a fraction of the cost. The power of Greg’s stories comes not just from the quality of the writing but also from the quirks and passions of the people he meets. Greg's compelling storytelling enthralls anglers and naturalists the world over.

The Bootlegger

Author: Clive Cussler
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698140737
Size: 36.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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When Detective Isaac Bell's mentor is shot, the turn-of-the-century investigator traces the attack from a booze-smuggling operation back to a team of international saboteurs in this #1 New York Times–bestselling series. It is 1920, and both Prohibition and bootlegging are in full swing. When Isaac Bell’s boss and lifelong friend Joseph Van Dorn is shot and nearly killed while leading the high-speed chase of a rum-running vessel, Bell swears to him that he will hunt down the men responsible. But Bell doesn’t know what he is getting into. When a witness to Van Dorn’s shooting is executed in a ruthlessly efficient manner invented by the Russian secret police, it becomes clear that these are no ordinary criminals. In a trail that leads from the ravages of post-World-War-I Europe to the speakeasies of New York, to the lawless streets of Detroit and Florida’s lavish beachside resorts, Isaac tracks the footsteps of a enterprise more ingenious and far-reaching than any he has ever known. For this is no mere bootlegging operation, but a powerful international organization with the very downfall of America in its sights . . . From the Hardcover edition.

The Cutthroat

Author: Clive Cussler
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399575618
Size: 19.65 MB
Format: PDF
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Isaac Bell may be on the hunt for the greatest monster of all time in this riveting action-adventure novel from #1 New York Times–bestselling author Clive Cussler. The year is 1911. Chief Investigator Isaac Bell of the Van Dorn Detective Agency has had many extraordinary cases before. But none quite like this. Hired to find a young woman named Anna Pape who ran away from home to become an actress, Bell gets a shock when her murdered body turns up instead. Vowing to bring the killer to justice, he begins a manhunt which leads him into increasingly more alarming territory. Anna Pape was not alone in her fate—petite young blond women like Anna are being murdered in cities across America. And the pattern goes beyond the physical resemblance of the victims—there are disturbing familiarities about the killings themselves that send a chill through even a man as experienced with evil as Bell. If he is right about his fears, then he is on the trail of one of the greatest monsters of his time.

Cut Throat Mafia

Author: Derrick Johnson
ISBN: 0983440956
Size: 71.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1921
In a country known for its underground criminal organizations, no state in America more so deserved the titled of the city of "Cut Throats." Cleveland, Ohio is the birthplace of many things, but more infamous the growth and development of the notorious criminal enterprise simply know as "The Family." What started out as simply hustling to uproot themselves from their poverty infested environment, soon turned into the formation of a tight knit organization. Known for their go hard attitudes, but feared for the ruthless way in which they rose to power. For several years the "Family" controlled the happenings in the concrete jungle of which they surveyed almost uncontested. Dedication, determination, and discipline is what got it all started. It was the glue that cemented them together, but would it be enough to keep them together. Now the family's dominance is being tested, by an unknown enemy who is determined to stop at nothing less then complete control of the city. As tension rises, so does the body count. After several encounters, all of which left a trail of bloody bodies, the family is forced to face the harsh realities, that it's a "cut throat" world full of "cut throat" people and in order to survive, you needed to be the one doing the cutting. Will the family's dominance prevail? Or will they be dethroned by people who share the same ideology!

A Taste Of Cowboy

Author: Kent Rollins
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544275004
Size: 46.29 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3531
Accompanied by entertaining stories and poetry, an authentic cowboy and TV veteran presents a guide to comfort food that gets creative with pantry ingredients to create such dishes as Sweet Heat Chopped Barbecue Sandwiches and Bread Pudding With Whisky Cream Sauce. 35,000 first printing.

Hiking Colorado S Sangre De Cristos And Great Sand Dunes

Author: Lee Hart
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493023810
Size: 30.78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5460
Lace up your boots and head into Colorado's rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains to explore this spine of soaring peaks that stand more than a mile above the San Luis and Wet Mountain Valleys. Here you'll discover plunging creeks, gorges cut from chunky conglomerate, and valleys where elk, bighorn sheep, coyote, and cougar live. Climb Kit Carson Mountain, Crestone Needle, or Blanca Peak; hike Black Canyon or Wild Cherry Creek. Wander the Great Sand Dunes National Park, which has the tallest dunes in North America. Local hiker and outdoor writer Lee Hart will introduce you to these trails and many more. Inside you'll find: up-to-date trail information; accurate directions to wilderness trails; difficulty ratings; topographic trail maps; zero-impact tips. Whether you are planning a day hike or an extended backpacking trip, you'll find trails suited to every ability and interest in one of the most beautiful regions of Colorado.

Moon 75 Great Hikes Seattle

Author: Melissa Ozbek
Publisher: Moon Travel
ISBN: 1631214993
Size: 59.33 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1848
Your Adventure Starts Here Looking for some fresh air and a brief escape from city life? Outdoors expert Melissa Ozbek leads you up and down trails in Puget Sound, the Olympic Peninsula, the Mountain Loop Highway, Mount Rainier, and more–all within two hours of Seattle. Features include: Descriptions of trails ranging from short, flat routes suitable for families to day-long steep treks for more advanced hikers Best hikes lists, such as “Best Berry Picking” and “Best Mountain Views” Detailed directions to each trailhead with GPS coordinates An easy-to-use map for each trail with point-by-point navigation Options to extend or shorten each hike

Yellowstone S Backcountry Cutthroats

Author: Darin Letzring
Publisher: Darin Letzring
ISBN: 1463567200
Size: 77.98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7723
The basic how-to for planning your backcountry river fishing adventure in Yellowstone National Park's backcountry. When and where to go. How to setup your trip to make sure you have a place to put your tent (legally!) because you can't just put down for the night anywhere you want. This guide gives you an overview of the process to reserve a campsite and the major areas to fish for each time of the year. You'll also find the websites and other resources for current detailed information. Sorry, but this guide won't give you the secret holes with trophy fish or any type of fishing techniques to catch that trophy fish, and it doesn't tell you how to backpack. This book focuses on fishing the rivers in the backcountry. There are some opportunities for fishing backcountry lakes, such as Shoshone and Lewis and Heart Lakes, but this book covers only the Grebe Lake area in the spring and early summer. Maybe those backcountry lakes will be in an update after I pull myself away from the rivers and go to the lakes in the future. You also get a top-secret review of the easy way to get to the upper Yellowstone River, above the lake! 5% of profit goes to Trout Unlimited.

Bad Penny

Author: Sharon Sala
Publisher: MIRA
ISBN: 148809912X
Size: 34.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 5903
Revisit book 3 of the Kat Dupree novels—a fan-favorite romantic suspense series from New York Times best-selling author Sharon Sala Cat Dupree would love nothing more than to settle down and build a life with fellow bounty hunter Wilson McKay. But Soloman Tutuola--the man who murdered her father and slashed her throat when she was thirteen--haunts her even from the grave. An investigator from Mexico is tracking down the person who is responsible for Tutuola’s death--and the trail leads directly to Cat. To add to her bad luck, a junkie with a vendetta is stalking Wilson and is willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of his revenge. Desperate to start their future together, Cat and Wilson turn the manhunt around--vowing to do whatever it takes to find freedom from the past and the scars that have damaged them both. Originally published in 2008