Crash Course

Author: Diane Poole Heller
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1556433727
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"At once profound, spiritual, and witty, Master of the Three Ways is a remarkable work about human nature, the essence of life, and how to live simply and with awareness. In three hundred and fifty-seven verses, the author, Hung Ying-ming a seventeenth-century Chinese sage explores good and evil, honesty and deception, wisdom and foolishness, and heaven and hell. He draws from the wisdom of the Three Creeds Taoism, Confucianism, and Zen Buddhism to impress upon us that by combining simple elegance with the ordinary, we can make our lives artistic and poetic. This sense, along with a particular understanding of Zen that makes art from the simple in everyday life, has permeated Chinese and Japanese culture to this day. The work is divided into two books. The first generally deals with the art of living in society and the second is concerned with man's solitude and contemplations of nature. These themes repeatedly spill over into each other, creating multiple levels of meaning."

Overcoming The Trauma Of Your Motor Vehicle Accident

Author: Edward J. Hickling
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195306066
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Motor vehicle accidents account for over 3 million injuries annually and are one of the most common traumas individuals experience. But the physical injuries are often less impactful in the long run than the severe emotional distress, flashbacks, and substantial impairment in work or family life. Studies of the general population have found that approximately 9% of people who survivor an accident develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. And yet, few people seek treatment immediately, mostly because they are not aware of the nature of their condition or that successful brief treatments are available.Written by the creators of an empirically supported cognitive-behavioral therapy program developed at The Center for Stress and Anxiety Disorders in Albany, this therapist guide includes all the information and materials necessary to implement a successful program for treating accident-related PTSD. The therapeutic technique described in this book is research-based with a proven success rate.The renowned authors provide clinicians with step-by-step instructions for teaching their clients important skills that have been scientifically tested and shown to be effective in treating emotional trauma caused by involvement in a car accident. Designed to be used in conjunction with its corresponding workbook, this therapist guide outlines a treatment program that includes cognitive restructuring, relaxation techniques, and exposure exercises.User-friendly and comprehensive, Overcoming the Trauma of Your Motor-Vehicle Accident, Therapist Guide is a resource that no clinician can do without.TreatmentsThatWorkTM represents the gold standard of behavioral healthcare interventions! DT All programs have been rigorously tested in clinical trials and are backed by years of research DT A prestigious scientific advisory board, led by series Editor-In-Chief David H. Barlow, reviews and evaluates each intervention to ensure that it meets the highest standard of evidence so you can be confident that you are using the most effective treatment available to date DT Our books are reliable and effective and make it easy for you to provide your clients with the best care available DT Our corresponding workbooks contain psychoeducational information, forms and worksheets, and homework assignments to keep clients engaged and motivated DT A companion website ( offers downloadable clinical tools and helpful resources DT Continuing Education (CE) Credits are now available on select titles in collaboration with PsychoEducational Resources, Inc. (PER)

Healing Developmental Trauma

Author: Laurence Heller, Ph.D.
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1583945113
Size: 44.48 MB
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Written for those working to heal developmental trauma and seeking new tools for self-awareness and growth, this book focuses on conflicts surrounding the capacity for connection. Explaining that an impaired capacity for connection to self and to others and the ensuing diminished aliveness are the hidden dimensions that underlie most psychological and many physiological problems, clinicians Laurence Heller and Aline LaPierre introduce the NeuroAffective Relational Model® (NARM), a unified approach to developmental, attachment, and shock trauma that, while not ignoring a person’s past, emphasizes working in the present moment. NARM is a somatically based psychotherapy that helps bring into awareness the parts of self that are disorganized and dysfunctional without making the regressed, dysfunctional elements the primary theme of the therapy. It emphasizes a person’s strengths, capacities, resources, and resiliency and is a powerful tool for working with both nervous system regulation and distortions of identity such as low self-esteem, shame, and chronic self-judgment.

Car Accident Secrets

Author: DS Publications
ISBN: 1411622138
Size: 13.30 MB
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Learn the secrets today of what you need to know if you or someone in your family is involved in a car accident. Learn from the pros on what to look for when having your car repaired, what you are entitled to and how to handle a personal injury accident claim. Learn what the insurance companies don't want you to know.

The Dance Of Becoming

Author: Stuart Heller
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1556431104
Size: 26.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Dance of Becoming is a book that is a must for the library of any serious martial artist or anyone interested in a deeper understanding of self. Stuart Heller's insight into the finer points of visualization and energy are simple in the classical taoist approach.

It S Time To Eat

Author: Inge Sengelmann
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781516886104
Size: 49.36 MB
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Today's diet and exercise schemes continue to fail us, but rather than dig deeper for real solutions, we seem content to pursue the next quick fix. The multibillion weight-loss industry preys on people's food and weight obsessions, fueling eating disorders in the process. It's Time to EAT challenges the status quo, addressing the core issues underlying disordered eating and serving up answers that can change your life. Part memoir, part self-help guide, this book examines not only what drives some to the extremes of obesity and anorexia or bulimia, but also why more and more people are latching on to unsustainable raw, gluten-free, and Paleo diet fads. Through her candid personal insights, researched scientific theories, and spiritual practices, author and integrative psychotherapist Inge Sengelmann, LCSW, SEP, RYT, presents a clearer picture of what a healthy relationship with food, body, and self looks like and provides a road map to experience the freedom for yourself. As you enter a process of conscious embodiment, you will regulate your eating habits on a neurophysiological level. This unification of mind and body renews you from the inside out, offering a life-changing solution that lasts.

After The Crash

Author: Edward B. Blanchard
Publisher: Amer Psychological Assn
ISBN: 9781557984241
Size: 73.26 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Involvement in motor vehicle accidents (MVA) is a widespread experience for Americans. Moreover, a large-scale survey has shown that MVAs are the most frequent trauma for American males and second most frequent trauma for American females. Another large-scale survey found that MVAs were the single leading cause of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the general population. Yet very little is known about the assessment and treatment of road crash survivors, and few studies have looked at the psychological and psychosocial effects of surviving an accident. This book describes the details of a 5-yr study of MVA survivors in the Albany, New York area and discusses MVA related PTSD. This volume will appeal to a broad audience of practitioners, researchers, and physicians; attorneys who handle MVA survivor cases; and those interested in public safety issues.

Healing From Trauma

Author: Jasmin Cori LPC
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 0786732431
Size: 62.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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While there are many different approaches to healing trauma, few offer a wide range of perspectives and options. With innovative insight into trauma-related difficulties, Jasmin Lee Cori helps you: Understand trauma and its devastating impacts Identify symptoms of trauma (dissociation, numbing, etc.) and common mental health problems that stem from trauma Manage traumatic reactions and memories Create a more balanced life that supports your recovery Choose appropriate interventions (therapies, self-help groups, medications and alternatives) Recognize how far you’ve come in your healing and what you need to keep growing Complete with exercises, healing stories, points to remember, and resources, this is a perfect companion for anyone seeking to reclaim their life from the devastating impacts of trauma.

After The Crash

Author: Edward B. Blanchard
Publisher: Amer Psychological Assn
ISBN: 9781591470700
Size: 68.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Annotation Motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) have been found to be the single leading cause of posttraumatic stress disorder in the general population. They are the most frequent, directly experienced trauma for men and the second most frequent trauma for women. Since the 1997 edition of After the Crash, there has been a monumental new wave of research in the assessment and treatment of MVA survivors. In this timely second edition, written in a clear and lucid style and illustrated by a wealth of charts, guides, case studies, and clinical advice, the authors report on new, international research and provide updates on their own longstanding research protocols within the groundbreaking Albany MVA Project. This volume will appeal to a broad audience of practitioners, researchers, and physicians; attorneys who handle MVA survivor cases; and those interested in public safety issues.

Beyond The Trauma Vortex

Author: Gina Ross
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781556434464
Size: 53.42 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In Beyond the Trauma Vortex, Gina Ross proposes a collaboration between the media, trauma researchers, and helping officials in order to break the vicious cycle of trauma and violence. The media, Ross suggests, can use their tremendous influence to promote peace rather than violence and to heal wounded psyches, communities, and nations. Delving first into the destructive nature of the "trauma vortex" through a variety of individual and historical examples, Ross then offers her insight into an alternate, restorative "healing vortex." By focusing on the interrelatedness of personal and collective healing, the author makes a compelling case for why—and how—media professionals can play an influential role in effecting widespread healing for their viewers and for themselves.