Consider The Birds

Author: Debbie Blue
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1426749503
Size: 50.55 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5085
Edgy spiritual lessons that challenge the way you understand the birds of the Bible.

Sensual Orthodoxy

Author: Debbie Blue
ISBN: 9780974298603
Size: 31.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 7095
Debbie Blue approaches scripture like a farm wife handles a chicken, carefully but not delicately, thoroughly but not exactly cautiously. Debbie sees tangled questions about a God who gets a body. Though religion often abstracts, the story of Christ is the opposite. God becomes physical. God is made human in the womb of Mary and born through the birth canal.

Under His Wings

Author: Joy DeKok
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
ISBN: 9781586605117
Size: 72.67 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2942
For bird lovers-and everyone else-this devotional collection describes birds in their natural habitats and makes a spiritual point for us as humans.

Birds Of The Bible

Author: Peter Goodfellow
Publisher: John Beaufoy Pub
ISBN: 9781909612143
Size: 41.17 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2361
"Peter Goodfellow presents a study of all the birds mentioned in the Bible, relating the references to Bible times and to birdwaching in the Holy Land now, as well as, where appropriate, explaining the message or symbolism behind the biblical texts."--Back cover.

From Advent S Alleluia To Easter S Morning Light

Author: Ann Weems
Publisher: Presbyterian Publishing Corp
ISBN: 0664234917
Size: 55.92 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 633
Weems's lyrical poetry is a reminder of the importance of true discipleship. She challenges Christians to look past the ongoing distractions of the "busy work" of church meetings and socials, new programs and technology, and inevitable conflict, while reminding readers in her singularly expressive voice that the "institution" of the church is, at heart, quite simply all about Jesus. This collection of poems, written to be used in worship, in personal devotions, and in discussion groups, is organized to follow the liturgical year from Advent through Easter. Kneeling in Bethlehem In a style that is contemporary, reverent, and faith-filled, the poet offers a collection of meaningful poems reflecting on the Christmas season.

Presence And Encounter

Author: David G. PhD Benner
Publisher: Brazos Press
ISBN: 1441221506
Size: 13.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3950
The most vital and significant moments in life are moments of encounter. Whether we encounter ourselves, others, or God, these moments let us know that life is meaningful. And presence is what makes encounter possible. When we are truly present, everything that has being becomes potentially present to us. In this unique resource, David Benner invites us to live with more presence so we can know the presence of God more deeply in our lives. Drawing on over thirty-five years of experience integrating psychology and spirituality, Benner examines the transformational possibilities of spiritual presence and encounter in fresh, exciting, and practical ways. He helps readers understand the personal and interpersonal dimensions of presence and encounter, revealing how they mediate Divine Presence and serve as sacraments of everyday life. His rich meditations are presented in a voice that is intelligent, compassionate, and engaging. The book includes end-of-chapter reflection exercises for individual or group use and a foreword by Richard Rohr.

The Twible

Author: Jana Riess
ISBN: 9780989774703
Size: 31.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4864
It's the Bible, now with 68% more humor and 99% fewer begats! You've wanted to read the Bible, but it's uber-long and, let's face it, sometimes boring. You're a busy person with stuff to do. You want the Bible, only funnier. And shorter. Enter The Twible, which brings you every chapter as tweeted in 140 characters or less, from Genesis to Revelation! Find out what the Bible says you're supposed to do if a friend starts worshiping another god, your child disrespects you in public, or you break the Sabbath. (The answers to those dilemmas are to stone your friend, stone your child, and stone yourself. In that order.) Learn where Paul swears in the New Testament, and why Jeremiah could benefit from antidepressants. Inside The Twible you'll find: A tweet for each of the 1,189 chapters of the Bible A summary of every book of the Bible in seven words or less Dozens of informative sidebars (print edition only) More than 50 original cartoons A glossary telling you who's who in the Bible Unicorns From start to finish, The Twible brings the Bible to wonderful, wicked, weird life. "The Twible adapts the Old Testament to the light-hearted quipping familiar in everyday Tweets." -- The Guardian, UK "The Twible is the most entertaining version of my dad's book I've read in the last two millennia!" -- Jesus Christ "Twible is the best example I have ever seen of the reverence of irreverence." -- Phyllis Tickle, author of The Divine Hours "I wouldn't object if Twibles were in every hotel room." -- Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist blogger "Forget about reading the Bible in a year. Now you can read it in an hour, thanks to the subversive, somewhat disturbed, mind of Jana Riess." -- Peter Enns, author of Genesis for Normal People "The perfect (surreptitious) iPad or Tablet companion for draggy Sunday (or Saturday) morning services. Caution: Not to be used for congregational Scripture reading." -- Mark I. Pinsky, author of The Gospel According to the Simpsons "Whatever you think of Twitter, there can be no speedier or funnier way to read through the Bible than with Riess's Twible providing spot-on interpretation chapter by chapter." -- Kristin Swenson, author of Bible Babel "The Twible is an indelible book that reads like an oddly religious comedy but has the impact of a brilliant jingle that sticks in your brain to the point of madness." -- Frank Schaeffer, author of And God Said, "Billy!" "This is brilliant stuff-hilariously accurate summaries of complex material." -- Debbie Blue, pastor; author of Consider the Birds: A Provocative Guide to the Birds of the Bible "This is absolutely the funniest and most fun Bible 'translation' ever." -- Steven L. Peck, author of The Scholar of Moab"

Generous Spaciousness

Author: Wendy VanderWal-Gritter
Publisher: Brazos Press
ISBN: 1441245855
Size: 19.60 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1732
Committed Christians may respond differently to gay and lesbian Christians. How can we engage those with whom we might disagree and navigate our journey together in a way that nurtures unity, hospitality, humility, and justice? Through her extensive experience in ministering to gay and lesbian Christians, Wendy VanderWal-Gritter has come to believe we need a new paradigm for how the church engages those in the sexual minority. She encourages generous spaciousness, a hope-filled, relational way forward for those in turmoil regarding a response to gay and lesbian Christians. This book offers a framework for discussing diversity in a gracious way, showing that the church can be a place that welcomes a variety of perspectives on the complex matter of human sexuality. It also offers practical advice for implementing generous spaciousness in churches and organizations.

Wounded Prophet

Author: Michael Ford
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 0385493738
Size: 53.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2280
The first in-depth portrait of Henri Nouwen to be published since his 1996 death draws on extensive interviews with colleagues, friends, and family members to profile the acclaimed spiritual writer, from his youth to his life as a priest and member of Toronto's L'Arche Daybreak Community. Reprint.