Conquering The Physics Gre

Author: Yoni Kahn
ISBN: 1108409563
Size: 61.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A self-contained guide to the Physics GRE, reviewing all of the topics covered alongside three practice exams with fully worked solutions.

Conquering The Physics Gre

Author: Yoni Kahn
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108321259
Size: 30.55 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Physics GRE plays a significant role in deciding admissions to nearly all US physics Ph.D. programs, yet few exam-prep books focus on the test's actual content and unique structure. Recognized as one of the best student resources available, this tailored guide has been thoroughly updated for the current Physics GRE. It contains carefully selected review material matched to all of the topics covered, as well as tips and tricks to help solve problems under time pressure. It features three full-length practice exams, revised to accurately reflect the difficulty of the current test, with fully worked solutions so that students can simulate taking the test, review their preparedness, and identify areas in which further study is needed. Written by working physicists who took the Physics GRE for their own graduate admissions to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this self-contained reference guide will help students achieve their best score.

A Review Of Undergraduate Physics

Author: Benjamin F. Bayman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Size: 66.82 MB
Format: PDF
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A study aid for senior and graduate level students needing a review of undergraduate physics. Covers a broad range of topics, with carefully worked examples illustrating important problem-solving methods. A collection of self-test problems helps students prepare for the College Entrance Advanced Physics Examination and the Qualifying Written Examination for the PhD.

An Introduction To Nuclear Physics

Author: W. N. Cottingham
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521657334
Size: 44.15 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This clear and concise introduction to nuclear physics provides an excellent basis for a core undergraduate course in this area. The book opens by setting nuclear physics in the context of elementary particle physics and then shows how simple models can provide an understanding of the properties of nuclei, both in their ground states and excited states, and also of the nature of nuclear reactions. The book also includes chapters on nuclear fission, its application in nuclear power reactors, the role of nuclear physics in energy production and nucleosynthesis in stars. This second edition contains several additional topics: muon-catalysed fusion, the nuclear and neutrino physics of supernovae, neutrino mass and neutrino oscillations, and the biological effects of radiation. A knowledge of basic quantum mechanics and special relativity is assumed. Appendices deal with other more specialized topics. Each chapter ends with a set of problems for which outline solutions are provided.

Practical Physics

Author: R K Shukla
Publisher: New Age International
ISBN: 8122417485
Size: 18.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Book Has Been Written Keeping In Mind The Experiments Carried Out At B.Sc. Level At Indian Universities. It Is Written In An Easy To Understand And Systematic Format. Detailed Description Of Different Apparatus, Related Errors And Their Handling Is An Added Feature Of The Book. Tables Of Physical Constants Are Also Presented. More Than One Experimental Method For Determining A Physical Parameter Is Given So That Student Can Appreciate The Intricacies.

Introduction To Solid State Physics

Author: Kittel
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9788126510450
Size: 49.13 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Market_Desc: · Physicists· Engineers· Senior and Graduate Level Students of Solid State Physics· Professors of Solid State Physics Special Features: · Kittel is a world authority in solid state physics· Known to the physics community as the definitive work on solid state physics About The Book: This is an updated edition of the definitive text in Solid State Physics. Solid State Physics is concerned with the properties that result from the distribution of electrons in metals, semiconductors, and insulators. The book also demonstrates how the changes and imperfections of real solids can be understood with simple models.

The Physics Companion 2nd Edition

Author: Anthony C. Fischer-Cripps
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466517794
Size: 72.67 MB
Format: PDF
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Get Up to Speed on Physics Updated and expanded with new topics, The Physics Companion, 2nd Edition offers a unique and educational approach to learning physics at a level suitable for first-year science students. This new edition expands the presentation to include senior topics, such as statistical mechanics, quantum physics, and nuclear physics. A Convenient, Student-Friendly Format Rich with Diagrams and Clear Explanations This useful book serves students from the beginning of their studies to well into their future careers. It provides detailed graphics, simple and clear explanations of difficult concepts, and annotated mathematical treatments in a one-page-per-topic format that is the signature style of the author’s companion books. Be sure to check out the author’s other companion books: The Mathematics Companion: Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers, 2nd Edition The Materials Physics Companion, 2nd Edition The Electronics Companion: Devices and Circuits for Physicists and Engineers, 2nd Edition The Chemistry Companion


Author: Lowry Kirkby
Publisher: Scion Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781904842682
Size: 13.26 MB
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From reviews: "Every undergraduate physicist ought to own acopy of this remarkable, unique and innovative textbook...I truly believe this textbook should be takenadvantage of by all undergraduates, and I wish it had been published earlier inmy undergraduate degree." Student Review, Times Higher Education, May 2012 Physics: A Student Companion offers readers a thorough overview of basic physics with rapid access to fundamental concepts and their derivations. Covering the core fields of mechanics and relativity, electromagnetism, waves and optics, quantum mechanics, and thermal physics, this book is an essential learning tool for students, as well as a handy reference for graduates and researchers in the physical sciences. *The perfect companion to the mainstream physics textbooks, providing fast access to the essential material *Highlights and consolidates the key equations, derivations, theories and concepts that are the fundamentals of your physics course *Provides a structured outline of the core ideas, to be used alongside lecture notes and classes *Offers an ideal reference for graduates and researchers in the physical sciences If you are looking for a better option than digging through college textbooks for that forgotten something, reviewing material for an examination, or preparing for graduate entry, then Physics: A Student Companion is the right book for you.

Physics For The Ib Diploma Full Colour

Author: K. A. Tsokos
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521138213
Size: 76.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A best-seller now available in full colour, covering the entire IB syllabus.

Modern Atomic And Nuclear Physics

Author: Fujia Yang
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
ISBN: 9813101164
Size: 71.26 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The book is the culmination of the authors' many years of teaching and research in atomic physics, nuclear and particle physics, and modern physics. It is also a crystallization of their intense passion and strong interest in the history of physics and the philosophy of science. The book gives students a broad perspective of the current understandings of the basic structures of matter from atoms, nucleus to leptons, quarks, and gluons along with the essential introductory quantum mechanics and special relativity. Fundamentals aside, the book retrospects the historical development and examines the challenging future directions of nuclear and particle physics. Interwoven within the content are up-to-date examples of very recent developments and future plans that show in detail how the techniques and ideas of atomic, nuclear, and particle physics have been used and are being used to solve important problems in basic and applied areas of physics, chemistry, and biology that are closely linked to the prevailing major societal problems in medicine, energy resources, new custom-made materials and environmental pollution, as well as areas that encroach the broad cultural and historical interest. The uncertain path of success and failure, opportunities seized and missed, and the axiom of probability and scientists' intuition in the unfolding human drama of scientific discovery are vividly presented. Throughout the highly perceptive book, readers, especially the students are encouraged to reflect on problems and ask questions. This textbook has a companion problems and solutions manual. They are available as a paperback set with Modern Atomic and Nuclear Physics (Revised Edition): Problems and Solutions Manual. Sample Chapter(s) Table of Contents (1,290 KB) Introduction (1,596 KB) Chapter 1: Theory of Relativity (4,342 KB) Chapter 2: The Configuration of the Atom: Rutherford's Model (7,574 KB) Chapter 12.4: Fission and Fusion: Atomic Energy Utilization (6,730 KB) Request Inspection Copy