Clans And Genealogy In Ancient Japan

Author: Masanobu Suzuki
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351983318
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In recent years, there has been a noticeable and enthusiastic increase of interest in Buddhist temples and Shint? shrines in Japan. The legends of these temples and shrines are recorded in many historical manuscripts and these genealogies have such great significance that some of them have been registered as national treasures of Japan. They are indispensable to elucidate the history of these temples and shrines, in addition to the formation process of the ancient Japanese nation. This book provides a comprehensive examination of the genealogies and legends of ancient Japanese clans. It advances the study of ancient Japanese history by utilizing new analytical perspective from not only the well-known historical manuscripts relied upon by previous researchers, but also valuable genealogies and legends that previous researchers largely neglected.

Clans And Religion In Ancient Japan

Author: Masanobu Suzuki
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317209346
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Clans and Religion in Ancient Japan presents the latest research on the origin of Japanese religion and the clans in charge of religious services in ancient Japan. This book is written from a new analytical perspective and it utilizes not only well-known historical manuscripts which previous research relies upon, but also mythology, archaeological antiquities, pictorial materials and genealogies. The book hopes to differentiate between the religious systems of Japan and those of other Asian countries, and also between eastern and western cultures. Although different and unique, the book aims to show how Japan plays a part in the global environment and captures attention by answering questions from a historical perspective such as "What is Japan?" and "How should Japan relate to the world?".


Author: William H. Newell
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
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Historical Studies In Japan Vii

Author: National Committee of Japanese Historians
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004092921
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Kiyoaki Kit? 'International Relations in Ancient East Asia'. Eiichi Kat? 'The Age of the Great Voyages and Japan's "National Seclusion"'. Nobuyuki Yoshida 'The Early Modern City in Japan'. Kazumi Kobayashi 'Popular Movements and Religion in China and Korea'. Nobuko Nagasaki 'South Asian Popular Movements and Religion'. Bunji Kubota 'China and the Debate on Asian Modernization'. Hiroshi Band(1,165

The Source

Author: Arlene H. Eakle
Publisher: Salt Lake City, Utah : Ancestry Publishing Company
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Useful to the novice searcher, as well as the professional genealogist. Covers all aspects of research--major records, published sources, and special resources.