Clans And Genealogy In Ancient Japan

Author: Masanobu Suzuki
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351983318
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In recent years, there has been a noticeable and enthusiastic increase of interest in Buddhist temples and Shint? shrines in Japan. The legends of these temples and shrines are recorded in many historical manuscripts and these genealogies have such great significance that some of them have been registered as national treasures of Japan. They are indispensable to elucidate the history of these temples and shrines, in addition to the formation process of the ancient Japanese nation. This book provides a comprehensive examination of the genealogies and legends of ancient Japanese clans. It advances the study of ancient Japanese history by utilizing new analytical perspective from not only the well-known historical manuscripts relied upon by previous researchers, but also valuable genealogies and legends that previous researchers largely neglected.

Clans And Religion In Ancient Japan

Author: Masanobu Suzuki
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317209346
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Clans and Religion in Ancient Japan presents the latest research on the origin of Japanese religion and the clans in charge of religious services in ancient Japan. This book is written from a new analytical perspective and it utilizes not only well-known historical manuscripts which previous research relies upon, but also mythology, archaeological antiquities, pictorial materials and genealogies. The book hopes to differentiate between the religious systems of Japan and those of other Asian countries, and also between eastern and western cultures. Although different and unique, the book aims to show how Japan plays a part in the global environment and captures attention by answering questions from a historical perspective such as "What is Japan?" and "How should Japan relate to the world?".


Author: William H. Newell
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9789027978592
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Japan Encyclopedia

Author: Louis Fr?d?ric
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674017535
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"Knowing Japan and the Japanese better," Louis Frdric states in the introduction to this encyclopedia, "is one of the necessities of modern life." The Japanese have a profound knowledge of every aspect and detail of Western societies. Unfortunately, we in the West cannot say the same about our knowledge of Japan. We tend to see Japan through a veil of exoticism, as a land of ancient customs and exquisite arts; or we view it as a powerful contributor to the global economy, the source of cutting-edge electronics and innovative management techniques. To go beyond these clichs, we must begin to see how apparently contradictory aspects of modern Japanese culture spring from the country's evolution through more than two millennia of history. This richly detailed yet concise encyclopedia is a guide to the full range of Japanese history and civilization, from the dawn of its prehistory to today, providing clear and accessible information on society and institutions, commerce and industry, sciences, sports, and politics, with particular emphasis on religion, material culture, and the arts. The volume is enhanced by maps and illustrations, along with a detailed chronology of more than 2,000 years of Japanese history and a comprehensive bibliography. Cross-references and an index help the reader trace themes from one article to the next. Japan Encyclopedia will be an indispensable one-volume reference for students, scholars, travelers, journalists, and anyone who wishes to learn more about the past and present of this great world civilization.

Imperial Politics And Symbolics In Ancient Japan

Author: Herman Ooms
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 0824832353
Size: 53.80 MB
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This title offers an understanding of a formative stage in the development of the Japanese state. It presents a wide-ranging and fine-grained examination of the power struggles, symbolic manipulations, mythological constructs, and historical revisions that both defines and propelled these changes.

Historical Studies In Japan Vii

Author: National Committee of Japanese Historians
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004092921
Size: 17.87 MB
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Kiyoaki Kit? 'International Relations in Ancient East Asia'. Eiichi Kat? 'The Age of the Great Voyages and Japan's "National Seclusion"'. Nobuyuki Yoshida 'The Early Modern City in Japan'. Kazumi Kobayashi 'Popular Movements and Religion in China and Korea'. Nobuko Nagasaki 'South Asian Popular Movements and Religion'. Bunji Kubota 'China and the Debate on Asian Modernization'. Hiroshi Band(1,165

The Soong Dynasty

Author: Sterling Seagrave
ISBN: 9781541338494
Size: 79.62 MB
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'Fast paced and jammed with racy details' - New York Times Book Review The Soong Dynasty is the first full behind-the-scenes account of the extraordinary Soong family whose power and wealth dominated China and American policy towards Asia in the Twentieth Century. It is an extraordinary work of historical detection which traces the family's roots from the middle of the last century and their explosive rise thereafter. Descendants of a runaway, they grew up in America under the protection of the Methodist church and returned to their homeland to make a fortune selling Western bibles. The Soong Family became the principal rulers of China during the first half of the Twentieth Century. In The Soong Dynasty, Sterling Seagrave describes for the first time the intricate and fascinating rise to power of Charlie Soong and his children, whom he married to some of China's most powerful men to create a network of power and influence which was to last for over fifty years. It is a classic tale of power, money, corruption and greed with elements of tragedy and comedy. Praise for The Soong Dynasty: 'Seagrave knows China, and has caught the atmosphere of that weird, melancholy place ... he has shed light into so many dark places, and turned a difficult piece of history into an engrossing narrative' - Daily Telegraph 'Seagrave s marathon probe includes much new evidence ... It is an important segment of twentieth century world history ... People should therefore be encouraged to read it' - Dervla Murphy, Irish Times 'The Soong Dynasty brings much pungent material to light ... [it is] a story unraveled with fluency and flair' - Time 'A gripping book. Seagrave has tackled a mighty subject with resourcefulness and spirit' - Washington Post 'Compulsively readable' - International Herald Tribune 'Mr Seagrave is a fine investigative reporter - digging up information from a multitude of sources, much of it original, and piecing together a gripping account of epochal events' - Wall Street Journal Sterling Seagrave, who grew up on the China-Burma border in the 1940s (his father was Dr Gordon Seagrave, author of Burma Surgeon), is the author of Yellow Rain, The Marcos Dynasty, Dragon Lady, and Lords of the Rim and has written many articles for major newspapers and magazines. In preparing The Soong Dynasty, he drew on half a lifetime in Asia and on many sources, including the files of Time Inc., the National Archives, many individuals, and the FBI, to produce a riveting and revealing narrative of major historical importance supplemented with much new material. He lives in Europe.

The Source

Author: Arlene H. Eakle
Publisher: Salt Lake City, Utah : Ancestry Publishing Company
Size: 79.32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Useful to the novice searcher, as well as the professional genealogist. Covers all aspects of research--major records, published sources, and special resources.

Japan S Name Culture

Author: Herbert E. Plutschow
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9781873410424
Size: 66.96 MB
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This is the first comprehensive study in English of Japanese names - their history and evolution, and ontological implications. Its main purpose is to understand the development of the nomenclature in its religious (animistic) and socio-political contexts. We learn, for example, how belief in the animistic-symbolic property of names developed into extensive taboos and, in connection with these taboos, into the custom of revealing names in case of marriage or territorial surrender. Whereas private (religious) use of surnames was tolerated, commoners without public functions were prohibited from public use of surnames. In the Meiji period (1868-1912), on the other hand, the government enforced the universal registry of surnames to conform with its policy of universal conscription, education, taxation and the postal service. The book will be of particular interest to students of Japan and Japanese nomenclature. It will also appeal to the general reader drawn to learning more about Japan by looking at its history, religion and culture through the names of its people.

China Monthly Review

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Vol. 34 includes "Special tariff conference issue" Nov. 6, 1925.