Champions For Change

Author: Kyle Veazey
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1614237220
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Mississippi State dominated Southeastern Conference basketball in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Starting in 1959, the team won four conference titles over five seasons. Yet despite earning their way, the Bulldogs remained routinely absent from NCAA tournaments. Amid a climate of fierce segregation, Mississippi refused to allow its collegiate teams to compete with integrated programs. In 1963, one team determined to compete on the national stage made state history. Led by beloved coach Babe McCarthy and supported by university students and administration, the Bulldogs made a daring and furtive trip to play Loyola's integrated team in the national tournament. Now, sports journalist Kyle Veazey vividly recounts the amazing journey of a team that refused to be hindered by the status quo.


Author: Michael Lenehan
Publisher: Agate Publishing
ISBN: 1572847212
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Today basketball is played “above the rim” by athletes of all backgrounds and colors. But 50 years ago it was a floor-bound game, and the opportunities it offered for African-Americans were severely limited. A key turning point was 1963, when the Loyola Ramblers of Chicago took the NCAA men’s basketball title from Cincinnati, the two-time defending champions. It was one of Chicago’s most memorable sports victories, but Ramblers reveals it was also a game for the history books because of the transgressive lineups fielded by both teams. Ramblers is an entertaining, detail-rich look back at the unlikely circumstances that led to Loyola’s historic championship and the stories of two Loyola opponents: Cincinnati and Mississippi State. Michael Lenehan’s narrative masterfully intertwines these stories in dramatic fashion, culminating with the tournament’s final game, a come-from-behind overtime upset that featured two buzzer-beating shots. While on the surface this is a book about basketball, it goes deeper to illuminate how sport in America both typifies and drives change in the broader culture. The stark social realities of the times are brought vividly to life in Lenehan’s telling, illustrating the challenges faced in teams’ efforts simply to play their game against the worthiest opponents.

The Missing Ring

Author: Keith Dunnavant
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312374327
Size: 34.58 MB
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Decribes how the 1966 University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team, coached by the legendary Paul "Bear" Bryant, was denied the National Championship title, despite having the finest overall record in the country, because of George Wallace and the racism he represented. Reprint.

Becoming Iron Men

Author: Lew Freedman
ISBN: 9780896728776
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The greatest untold story in college basketball history Loyola University Chicago was ahead of its time when racial matters were forefront in a long overdue revolution in civil rights. The Ramblers of the 1962-1963 NCAA college basketball season were pioneers in race relations in sport, though most of the time they were simply playing the sport they loved. When the NCAA tournament began in March, the Ramblers engaged in a series for the ages, daring to be the first NCAA Division I school to play five black athletes on the court at once and capturing the most prestigious title in college basketball at a time when states below the Mason-Dixon line still had laws on the books preventing black and white athletes from mixing even in pick-up games. Records were set, rivals faced, and one of the most famous and significant contests in college basketball playoff history played out in what incidentally became a model showcase for race relations. Nearly every time the Ramblers took the court, the game was unique in its magnitude. Relying significantly on exclusive interviews with surviving players, now in their seventies, Lew Freedman chronicles the entire journey, the adventure of the season that bound tight for a lifetime the group of men who lived through it.

Sport And The Color Line

Author: Patrick B. Miller
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415946117
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The year 2003 marks the one-hundredth anniversary of W.E.B. Du Bois' "Souls of Black Folk," in which he declared that "the color line" would be the problem of the twentieth century. Half a century later, Jackie Robinson would display his remarkable athletic skills in "baseball's great experiment." Now, "Sport and the Color Line" takes a look at the last century through the lens of sports and race, drawing together articles by many of the leading figures in Sport Studies to address the African American experience and the history of race relations. The history of African Americans in sport is not simple, and it certainly did not begin in 1947 when Jackie Robinson first donned a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform. The essays presented here examine the complexity of black American sports culture, from the organization of semi-pro baseball and athletic programs at historically black colleges and universities, to the careers of individual stars such as Jack Johnson and Joe Louis, to the challenges faced by black women in sports. What are today's black athletes doing in the aftermath of desegregation, or with the legacy of Muhammad Ali's political stance? The essays gathered here engage such issues, as well as the paradoxes of corporate sport and the persistence of scientific racism in the athletic realm.

Brand Nfl

Author: Michael Oriard
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 9780807899656
Size: 46.69 MB
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Professional football today is an $8 billion sports entertainment industry--and the most popular spectator sport in America, with designs on expansion across the globe. In this astute field-level view of the National Football League since 1960, Michael Oriard looks closely at the development of the sport and at the image of the NFL and its unique place in American life. New to the paperback edition is Oriard's analysis of the offseason labor negotiations and their potential effects on the future of the sport, and his account of how the NFL is dealing with the latest research on concussions and head injuries.

The Psychology Of The Human Animal Bond

Author: Christopher Blazina
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781441997616
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There have been dramatic increases in the financial, emotional, and psychological investment in pets over the past four decades. The increasing importance of animal companions in people's lives has resulted in growing emphasis on the human-animal bond within academic literature. This book introduces practicing and emerging professionals to vital subject matter concerning this growing specialty area by providing an essential framework and information through which to consider the unique contextual backdrop of the human-animal bond. Such contexts include a wide array of themes including: issues of attachment and loss, success and frustration with making and sustaining connections, world views regarding animal ethics, familial history of neglect or abuse, and cultural dynamics that speak to the order of things between mankind and nature. Adopting a contextual stance will aid mental health professionals in appreciating why and how this connection has become a significant part of everyday life for many. As with any other important clinical dynamic, training and preparation are needed to gain competence for professional practice and research. To this end, an ensemble of international experts across the fields of psychology and mental health explore topics that will help both new and established clinicians increase and understanding of the various ways the human-animal bond manifests itself. Perspectives from beyond the scope of psychology and mental health such as anthropology, philosophy, literature, religion, and history are included to provide a sampling of the significant contexts in which the human-animal bond is established. What brings these divergent topics together in a meaningful way is their relevance and centrality to the contextual bonds that underlie the human-animal connection. This text will be a valuable resource that provides opportunities to deepen one's expertise in understanding the psychology of the human-animal bond.

Zuleika Dobson

Author: Sir Max Beerbohm
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A Century Of Innovation

Author: Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
ISBN: 9780972230216
Size: 41.44 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A compilation of 3M voices, memories, facts and experiences from the company's first 100 years.