Chainbreaker Bike Book

Author: Ethan Clark
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
ISBN: 1621063178
Size: 67.62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3257
A hand-illustrated and accessible introduction to the world of bike repair! Through working at both Plan B Bike Project and French Quarter Bicycles in New Orleans, our co-authors have gathered a wealth of experience to share with would-be mechanics. The first half of this book is a complete repair manual to get you started on choosing, fixing, and riding your bike. The second half reprints all four issues of Chainbreaker zine, whose originals were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.


Author: Elly Blue
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
ISBN: 1621069435
Size: 70.47 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3715
Bikenomics provides a surprising and compelling new perspective on the way we get around and on how we spend our money, as families and as a society. The book starts with a look at Americans' real transportation costs, and moves on to examine the current civic costs of our transportation system. Blue tells the stories of people, businesses, organizations, and cities who are investing in two-wheeled transportation. The multifaceted North American bicycle movement is revealed, with its contradictions, challenges, successes, and visions.

The Bicycling Guide To Complete Bicycle Maintenance Repair

Author: Todd Downs
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 1605294519
Size: 40.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6336
The fully revised and updated sixth edition of the best-selling guide to bike maintenance from the world's leading authority on cycling Whether they own the latest model or a classic with thousands of miles on it, beginner and experienced cyclists alike need a guide that will help them get their bikes out of the shop faster and keep them on the road longer. For more than 20 years, The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair has done just that. With troubleshooting sections to quickly identify and correct common problems, 450 photographs and 40 drawings to clarify all the step-by-step directions so even the complete neophyte can get repairs right the first time, and websites and phone numbers of bicycle and parts manufacturers, this is truly the ultimate bicycle repair and maintenance manual. Now better than ever, the newest edition contains the latest information on component kits and carbon fork specifications.

A Rough Guide To Bicycle Maintenance

Author: Microcosm Publishing
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
ISBN: 1934620327
Size: 74.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3619
Shelley created this as a little take home instruction guide for her bike repair workshop at the Portland Zine Symposium. It goes over the basics of fixing a flat tire, working with wheels, the parts of a bike, bearings, doing a tune-up, tools, and dealing with bike shops as a woman but most of all what shines through is Shelley's character and personality in the way that she describes things and her utter passion for cycling. Well worth any price for the information alone. * Now includes additional pages of material about working on brakes!!

Pedal Stretch Breathe

Author: Kelli Refer
ISBN: 9781621066378
Size: 28.84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1980
"The first guide to bicycling and yoga. A friendly, accessible, illustrated guide to taking yoga beyond the mat and into the streets! The yoga practices and philosophy in this small book can help make your bicycle ride more comfortable and rewarding, whether you ride for fun, fitness, racing, or work. Breathe your way up the steepest hills. Keep your hips and knees limber and strong. Recover faster from long rides. Drop your road rage and maintain your awareness of the present moment. Gain persepctive on the well-being of your bike, your body and the streets you ride on." -- Back cover

Sloane S New Bicycle Maintenance Manual

Author: Eugene Sloane
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781451602685
Size: 14.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2896
Eugene A. Sloane, one of the leading authorities on bicycles and bicycling, has completely revised and expanded his invaluable Bicycle Maintenance Manual, adding all new information on equipment, tools, and the latest in bicycle technology. With more than 250 photographs, many of them detailing step-by-step processes such as installing a chain, mending a flat, and building a wheel, Sloane's New Bicycle Maintenance Manual is a must for cyclists of all levels of experience. The combination of illustrations and Sloane's extrememly accessible instructions makes tasks like adjusting brakes, removing derailleurs, and painting a frame projects you can take on at home. THe dozens of topics covered also include: - tires, tubes and valves - cranks, chainwheels and chains - handlebars and stems - wheel alignment and lacing - touring maintenance - seats, seatposts and more

Revolutionary Women

Publisher: PM Press
ISBN: 1604864648
Size: 46.55 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5902
Both a radical feminist history and a street art resource, this handbook combines short biographies with striking and usable stencil images of 30 female activists, anarchists, feminists, freedom fighters, and visionaries. From Harriet Tubman, Emma Goldman, and Angela Davis to Vandana Shiva, Sylvia Rivera, and Lucy Parsons, this collection offers a subversive portrait celebrating the military prowess and revolutionary drive of these women whose violent resolve often shatters the archetype of woman as nurturer. A sampling of quotes from key writings and speeches gives voice to each woman’s ideologies, philosophies, struggles, and quiet humanity while the stencils offer further opportunities to commemorate these women and their actions through the reproduction of their likenesses.

Wild Fermentation

Author: Sandor Ellix Katz
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
ISBN: 1621061175
Size: 22.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6668
A classic beginner's guide to basic home fermentation of just about anything, Wild Fermentation is a great resource by one of the world's foremost experts on the topic. Includes easy to read and inspiring instructions to get you started making anything fermentable, from bread to cheese to yogurt to kimchi to miso to injera to beer to even chocolate—in the comfort of your own home. Who knew making tasty, healthy, interesting food could be so easy?

Why We Drive

Author: Andy Singer
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
ISBN: 1621061353
Size: 31.81 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1464
Today, we're married to our cars. But life behind the wheel of an automobile didn't come naturally to Americans. Crooked politicians, unscrupulous businessmen, burning streetcars, and convoluted tax shenanigans are a few of the players in this gripping tale of corruption, greed, and endless miles of asphalt. In Andy Singer's accessible, scandalous tale of motordom, comics, text, and historic photographs tell the story of the rise of the U.S. highway system and the corresponding demise of rail and public transportation. He also explores how we can ditch the car and rebuild a functional transportation system that can bring wealth, happiness, and freedom.