Caught By Disorder

Author: Peter Stollmann
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461201691
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Disorder is one of the predominant topics in science today. The present text is devoted to the mathematical studyofsome particular cases ofdisordered systems. It deals with waves in disordered media. To understand the significance of the influence of disorder, let us start by describing the propagation of waves in a sufficiently ordered or regular environment. That they do in fact propagate is a basic experience that is verified by our senses; we hear sound (acoustic waves) see (electromagnetic waves) and use the fact that electromagnetic waves travel long distances in many aspects ofour daily lives. The discovery that disorder can suppress the transport properties of a medium is oneof the fundamental findings of physics. In its most prominent practical application, the semiconductor, it has revolutionized the technical progress in the past century. A lot of what we see in the world today depends on that relatively young device. The basic phenomenon of wave propagation in disordered media is called a metal-insulator transition: a disordered medium can exhibit good transport prop erties for waves ofrelatively high energy (like a metal) and suppress the propaga tion of waves of low energy (like an insulator). Here we are actually talking about quantum mechanical wave functions that are used to describe electronic transport properties. To give an initial idea of why such a phenomenon could occur, we have to recall that in physical theories waves are represented by solutions to certain partial differential equations. These equations link time derivatives to spatial derivatives.

Fourth Summer School In Analysis And Mathematical Physics

Author: Carlos Villegas-Blas
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 0821840649
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This book consists of three expository articles written by outstanding researchers in Mathematical Physics: Rafael Benguria, Peter Hislop, and Elliott Lieb. The articles are based on their lectures at the Fourth Summer School in Analysis and Mathematical Physics, held at the Institute of Mathematics, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Cuernavaca in May 2005. The main goal of the articles is to link the basic knowledge of a graduate student in Mathematics with three current research topics in Mathematical Physics: Isoperimetric inequalities for eigenvalues of the Laplace Operator, Random Schrodinger Operators, and Stability of Matter, respectively. These well written articles will guide and introduce the reader to current research topics and will also provide information on recent progress in some areas of Mathematical Physics.

Spectral Theory And Mathematical Physics Ergodic Schr Dinger Operators Singular Spectrum Orthogonal Polynomials And Inverse Spectral Theory

Author: Barry Simon
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 0821842498
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This Festschrift had its origins in a conference called SimonFest held at Caltech, March 27-31, 2006, to honor Barry Simon's 60th birthday. It is not a proceedings volume in the usual sense since the emphasis of the majority of the contributions is on reviews of the state of the art of certain fields, with particular focus on recent developments and open problems. The bulk of the articles in this Festschrift are of this survey form, and a few review Simon's contributions to a particular area. Part 1 contains surveys in the areas of Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Mechanics, Nonrelativistic Two-Body and $N$-Body Quantum Systems, Resonances, Quantum Mechanics with Electric and Magnetic Fields, and the Semiclassical Limit. Part 2 contains surveys in the areas of Random and Ergodic Schrodinger Operators, Singular Continuous Spectrum, Orthogonal Polynomials, and Inverse Spectral Theory. In several cases, this collection of surveys portrays both the history of a subject and its current state of the art. Exhaustive lists of references enhance the presentation offered in these surveys. A substantial part of the contributions to this Festschrift are survey articles on the state of the art of certain areas with special emphasis on open problems. This will benefit graduate students as well as researchers who want to get a quick, yet comprehensive introduction into an area covered in this volume.

Xviith International Congress On Mathematical Physics

Author: Arne Jensen
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814449245
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This is an in-depth study of not just about Tan Kah-kee, but also the making of a legend through his deeds, self-sacrifices, fortitude and foresight. This revised edition sheds new light on his political agonies in Mao's China over campaigns against capitalists and intellectuals.