The Science Of Planetary Signatures In Medicine

Author: Jennifer T. Gehl
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1620554992
Size: 21.97 MB
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A comprehensive guide to the cosmic influences that underlie health and how to apply them for profound health and healing • Examines how ancient and modern traditions of healing interconnect through the doctrine of signatures, “As above, so below” • Reveals how one’s astrological chart has implications for personal health and healing • Explains how each sign of the zodiac corresponds not only to parts of the body and its chakras but also to specific plants, herbs, colors, and emotions • Explores how to use sound healing to harmonize astrological imbalances When we look at the vast and intricate cosmos--galaxies, planets, organisms, organs, cells, molecules, atoms--there is a fundamental order, a music or harmony of the spheres. Our cells reflect the images of galaxies seen through our telescopes. We are the microcosm, reflecting the macrocosm of the heavens. Our ancestors understood these patterns and connections between humanity and the universe and developed spiritual and healing traditions in line with these cosmic truths. Yet in the 19th century, knowledge of these connections was set aside as medical science sought to create the “one size fits all” approaches to healing that dominate modern medicine today. In this comprehensive exploration of the celestial influences that underlie health and healing, Jennifer Gehl, with Marc Micozzi, examines how ancient and modern traditions of healing interconnect through the doctrine of signatures, “As above, so below”. She reveals how one’s celestial nature--the arrangement of the cosmos at the moment of birth--has implications for personal health and how each sign of the zodiac corresponds to parts of the body, the chakras, and specific plants, herbs, colors, and emotions. She explains how sound re-arranges forms according to the principles of harmony, leveraging not only the human self-regulating capacity to restore health but also that of the Earth to restore balance and harmony. Also explored are the recurrence of geometric forms in nature and how to apply this knowledge in sound healing and medical astrology. Weaving together the threads of ancient science and spirit that formed the original tapestry of medicine, Gehl explains how to restore the cosmic foundations of healing for personal, planetary, and universal health and wellbeing.

The Neanderthals

Author: Stephanie Muller
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134095163
Size: 16.37 MB
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The Neanderthal is among the most mysterious relatives of Homo sapiens: Was he a dull, club-swinging muscleman, or a being with developed social behaviour and the ability to speak, to plan precisely, and even to develop views on the afterlife? For many, the Neanderthals are an example of primitive humans, but new discoveries suggest that this image needs to be revised. Half a million years ago in Ice Age Europe, there emerged people who managed to cope well with the difficult climate – Neanderthal Man. They formed an organized society, hunted Mammoths, and could make fire. They were able to pass on knowledge; they cared for the old and the handicapped, burying their dead, and placing gifts on their graves. Yet, they became extinct, despite their cultural abilities. This richly illustrated book, written for general audiences, provides a competent look at the history, living conditions, and culture of the Neanderthal.

The Higher Self Lower Self

Author: Vashist Vaid
ISBN: 131257237X
Size: 47.79 MB
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This book named as "The Higher Self and the Lower Self," provides the ''questioning reader'' those important pieces of information, which ''Awakens'' or add on more ''Vital Conscious Energy Vibrations'' to the evolving ''Embodied Consciousness'' of the incarnated ''form container'', known in Sanskrit language as a ''Kosha'', which is commonly referred to as the ''physical body'' of conscious existence, having a '''given name'', which is provided after ''incarnation'' by the family elders upon this physical plane of planet earth, in most cases by the caring and loving ''Parents'', who perform the ''Name Giving Ritual''.

The Secret Of The Breast Plate

Author: vashist vaid
ISBN: 1329046234
Size: 72.28 MB
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This Particular Book named ''The Secret of Breast Plate '' by the Grace of the MOST HIGH came in Existence, as One Very Important Key Pertaining to the ''Secret of the Breast Plate'' was somehow left out from my earlier books, which are related to the Wisdom of the Famous Prophet King Solomon, the ''Chosen Son of GOD'', and the Wisest King of the Israelite's as mentioned in ''1 Chronicles 17.13'' of the Holy Bible. To properly explain the Importance of this Holy Key, which holds the ''Secrets of the Breast Plate'' which had been worn by the High Priest of Israelite's since AARON's Time, as per the Command of the MOST HIGH, it was required for me to go in details of Other Various Spiritual Aspects, which are clearly mentioned in the various chapters of the Holy Bible, which include both the Old and the New Testaments, as the Chapters of the New Testament in reality Mirrors the Holy Wisdom of the OLD TESTAMENT, which is contained in its various chapters.