Beautiful Bombshell

Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476751730
Size: 32.22 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5480
In this new novella, the gentlemen from Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player are out for a wild night on The Strip. When Max, Henry, and Will steal Bennett away for a weekend of shenanigans and strippers in Vegas, the first stop of the night doesn’t go at all as planned. With their scheme for a Guys Weekend completely derailed anyway, Max and Bennett begin to play a wild game of stealth and secrecy in order to have their bombshells all over Sin City.

God S Bombshell

Author: Tracy Reed
ISBN: 9781946567093
Size: 41.63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 1126
If you're looking for tips on how to find a nice Christian husband, don't read this book.If you're single and want to kick your single life up to the next level, definitely read this book.God's Bombshell is a book for the Christian single who is ready to enjoy her single season. She's not sitting around waiting on a man to take her away from her life. Instead, she's out there living her purpose and enjoying her life. If this is who you want to be, then definitely read this book.

Dr Di Angelo S Baby Bombshell

Author: Janice Lynn
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426856946
Size: 33.63 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6443
Dr. Darby Phillips is horrified to open the invitation to her high-school reunion! She was the shy, studious girl boys never looked twice at. Her heart won't survive the humiliation if she turns up without a date! Enter her colleague, the delicious Dr. Blake Di Angelo. His Italian charm wins over every girl he flashes his twinkling smile at—including Darby! But her proposition is strictly business. She never imagined playing the happy couple could lead to bona fide romance. Reality hits hard, though, when Darby must tell Blake that his playboy penthouse will soon be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet….

Bible Bombshell

Author: J.P. Waitz
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781452017075
Size: 72.55 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4574
BIBLE BOMBSHELL! provides an astonishing new look at the Holy Scriptures, and what they're REALLY saying. Highly significant events have been easily “read over” by millions without being understood. This penetrating new study throws a bright light on the Scriptures, revealing things that have gone unnoticed before - the stunning capabilities of God ... why 12 tribes of Ishmael were created to balance the 12 tribes of Israel ... why Israel got great blessings and power, while Ishmael got only camels, desert --- and OIL ... why Ishmael and Israel have been opposed for thousands of years ... why God favors the l2 tribes of Israel and blessed them greatly ... why Israel is called “God's Fighter” ... why God has brought cursings on Israel, and will do so again, unless they keep God's commandments ... who are the l2 tribes of Israel in today's world? ...What are their modern identities ... by what names are they known in today's world? How U.S. President Barack Obama may figure in Bible prophecy ... what lies ahead when four powerful angels destroy one third of humanity! Why the ENTIRE BIBLE from Genesis 35 to Revelation 21 concerns ISRAEL!

Beautiful Beautiful Bitch Beautiful Bombshell Beautiful Beginning

Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: MIRA Taschenbuch
ISBN: 3955766853
Size: 63.45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1177
Er ist ein Bastard, sie eine Bitch! Die atemberaubend heiße Lovestory von Chloe und Bennett geht endlich weiter! Bennett Ryan hat endlich seine ebenbürtige Partnerin gefunden: eine Frau, die ihm das Leben zur Hölle macht und die einzig dafür lebt, ihn zu bekämpfen. Eine Frau, deren Mund er am liebsten zukleben ... und gleichzeitig ebenso sehr küssen will: seine Freundin, seine ehemalige Praktikantin, Miss Chloe Mills. Die Beautiful Bitch. Eins ist klar: In dieser Beziehung fliegen die Fetzen. Und das täglich. Bis Bennett eine schwerwiegende Entscheidung trifft, die Chloes und sein Leben für immer verändern wird ... "Intelligent, sexy und modern. Diese Serie ist einfach perfekt." New-York-Times-Bestsellerautorin Katy Evans

Beautiful Secret

Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476778019
Size: 28.17 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4633
AN UPTIGHT BRITISH EXECUTIVE. AN ADVENTUROUS AMERICAN NEWBIE. A SEXY INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL IN THE MAKING. New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author Christina Lauren’s Beautiful and Wild Seasons series hook up in Beautiful Secret for an erotic intercontinental romp that celebrates the best of both worlds! When Ruby Miller’s boss announces he’s sending her on an extended business trip to New York City, she’s shocked. As one of the best and brightest young engineers in London, she knows she’s professionally up to the task. The part that’s throwing her is where she’ll be spending a month up close and personal working alongside—and staying in a hotel with—Niall Stella, her firm’s top urban planning executive and The Hottest Man Alive. Despite her ongoing crush, Ruby is certain Niall barely knows she’s alive…until their flirty overnight flight makes him sit up and take notice. Not one for letting loose and breaking rules, recently divorced Niall would describe himself as hopeless when it comes to women. But even he knows outgoing California-girl Ruby is a breath of fresh air. Once she makes it her mission to help the sexy Brit loosen his tie, there’s no turning back. Thousands of miles from London, it’s easy for the lovers to play pretend. But when the trip is over, will the relationship they’ve built up fall down?

Beautiful Bitch

Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476751722
Size: 57.94 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6345
Picking up where Beautiful Bastard left off, Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan continue their steamy, combative relationship in this new novella. Just when Chloe’s career starts to take off, Bennett wishes it would all slow down long enough to spend a wild night alone with his girlfriend. But after he refuses to take no for an answer, Chloe and Bennett find themselves with two plane tickets, one French Villa, and a surprising conversation that, predictably, leaves them wrestling under the covers.


Author: James Reich
Publisher: Soft Skull Press
ISBN: 1593765614
Size: 78.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6906
Bombshell is a feminist nuclear thriller set twenty-five years after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, in which an alienated young Russian woman born in its shadow undertakes a road trip across the U.S., waging a guerrilla war against the nuclear industry and leaving in her wake a trail of destruction and assassinations. Obsessed with would-be Warhol assassin Valerie Solanas, Varyushka Cash recreates her atomic past through escalating violence and her one true goal: an assault on the Indian Point nuclear plant on the bank of the Hudson River. All along she is relentlessly pursued by the CIA, eager to capture Varyushka on charges of domestic terrorism. The cat-and-mouse chase leads to a final showdown in a decimated and irradiated New York, there on the cusp of a frightening new future. The initial draft of Bombshell was completed five months before the Fukushima catastrophe, written from the author’s morbid suspicion that the twenty-fifth anniversary of catastrophe at Chernobyl, Pripyat, and beyond would be marked by an echo in the present, shadowed by the real threat present in our unguarded and deteriorating nuclear facilities. Bombshell is a combustible and commercial step forward by one of our most creative and intellectual writers today.

Sydney Harbor Hospital Evie S Bombshell

Author: Amy Andrews
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460307569
Size: 57.67 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5703
Welcome to the world of Sydney Harbor Hospital (or SHH… for short—because secrets never stay hidden for long!) Their relationship is hospital legend… Without uttering a word, Evie Lockheart knew it was over. And the only way she could ever say goodbye to Dr. Finn Kennedy was by allowing herself to surrender one more time to temptation. Because while their relationship was defined by their indescribable passion, admitting out loud that she felt more for the guarded surgeon was never an option. Then a bombshell rocks Evie to her very core. Mustering all her strength, she must tell the man whose delectable smile haunts her dreams that this time she will not let him walk away.