Bahama Saga

Author: Peter Barratt
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781410798305
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BAHAMA SAGA is a chronicle of the human presence on a unique archipelago of the Americas. The story takes its title from a few invented characters and the romantic and beautiful country of seven hundred sub-tropical islands. The confetti of Bahamian islands has, at different times, been a locus for the three races of the planet. After the original Amerindian inhabitants perished, the Bahamas remained uninhabited for nearly 150 years until people from Bermuda - largely of English and African stock - re-settled the islands commencing in 1648. Not long afterwards many more Africans were brought to the Bahamas in bondage. Their descendants today hold the destiny of the islands in their hands. The geographical location of the Bahamas allowed the islands to play a brief, but important part in the history of the modern world. The eastern islands protrude out into the Atlantic Ocean so as to make them one of the nearest parts of the Americas to Europe and it was here that an explorer from Europe made a historic landfall at what, for him at least, was a 'New World’. It was just over five hundred years ago that Christopher Columbus in 1492 ‘sailed the ocean blue’. The islands on the western side are a mere 50 miles from the United States. Throughout time, events on the North American continent have had a major affect upon the history of the Bahama Islands as this well-written and intriguing story relates.

The Great Bahamas Hurricane Of 1866

Author: Wayne Neely
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462011020
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In October 1866, a powerful Category 4 hurricane struck the Bahamian Islands. With winds well over 140 miles per hour and even higher gusts that toppled trees, sank ships, peeled away rooftops, and destroyed vital infrastructures, the massive storm battered the islands with great ferocity. When the seas finally calmed and the winds died down, the massive storm had killed more than 387 people in the Bahamas alone and left a massive trail of destruction. Author Wayne Neely, a leading authority on Bahamian and Caribbean hurricanes, shares an engaging account of how the hurricane of 1866 not only devastated the islands, but also altered the course of Bahamian history forever. While demonstrating how the hurricane significantly impacted the wrecking and salvaging industry, Neely also educates others about the complex set of weather conditions that contribute to hurricanes. He includes fascinating stories of survival and heroism as the storm's victims struggled to move forward in the midst of tragedy. Hurricanes are no novelty to the Bahamas, but all who were lucky enough to live through the howling winds and the terror of a sky filled with flying debris surely never forgot "The Great Bahamas Hurricane of 1866."

The Great Bahamian Hurricanes Of 1899 And 1932

Author: Wayne Neely
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781475925548
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Hurricanes have long been a fact of life in the Bahamas. With extensive exposed coastlines jutting out of the Atlantic and uniquely flat lands and shallow coastal waters, these islands had seen many tempests before there was a Bahamas as we know it today. Hurricanes have shaped the islands’ landscape and, in a sense, their people as well. In the history of the Bahamas—often considered a patriarchal society in which the hurricanes traditionally bore the names not of women, but of the islands they devastated-- the storms have impacted all aspects of everyday life. A growing number of studies covering many aspects of hurricanes have examined their social impacts. Even so, the historical ramifi cati ons of the hurricanes of the Bahamas and of the wider realm of the Caribbean have rarely been approached. The Great Bahamas Hurricane of 1899 and the Great Abaco Hurricane of 1932 hold special places in the archives of Bahamian history. These hurricanes were two of the worst natural disasters the country had experienced at the time, and even to this day these storms are considered among the top ten most destructive Bahamian storms of all time. These two notable and very destructive Bahamian hurricanes resulted in the deaths of over 334 Bahamians in 1899 and 18 in 1932. Learn why as author Wayne Neely explores the breadth and depth of each disaster—not only how they impacted the society at the time, but how they impacted the progression of history.

The Great Bahamas Hurricane Of 1929

Author: Wayne Neely
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491716142
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The Great Bahamas Hurricane of 1929, also known as the Great Andros Island Hurricane of 1929, was the only major hurricane during the very inactive 1929 North Atlantic hurricane season. The Great Bahamas Hurricane of 1929 was perhaps one of the greatest and deadliest hurricanes to impact the Bahamas and is often regarded as the greatest Bahamian hurricane of the twentieth century. It was the only storm on record to last for three consecutive days over the Bahamas, with pounding torrential rainfall and strong, gusty winds. The storm killed 134 persons in the Bahamas, mostly mariners and sponge fishermen, as it directly hit the islands of Nassau and Andros. This thoroughly researched history considers this intense storm and its aftermath, offering an exploration of an important historical weather event that has been neglected in previous study. Also included is a harrowing account of a dog called Speak Your Mind who rescued a sponge fisherman at sea. Through unique historical photographs of actual damage, author and veteran meteorologist Wayne Neely shows the widespread devastation left in the wake of this tremendous storm. Drawing upon many newspaper accounts, ship reports, and Family Island Commissioners reports from throughout the Bahamas, the author provides a fascinating glimpse of this hurricane and the devastation it caused the Bahamas.

My Story His Glory

Author: Havard S. Cooper Sr.
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781450256803
Size: 50.82 MB
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From raising chickens for subsistence to owning a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in the Bahamas, My Story ... His Glory narrates the inspiring life saga of the Rev. Havard S. Cooper, a Bahamian who has risen from humble beginnings in Grand Bahama to become a highly respected citizen of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Presented in three parts, this memoir reveals how a once-poor child overcame adversity to become a visionary, entrepreneur, successful Christian businessman and patriarch of a large, influential Bahamian family. Filled with anecdotes, Part I discusses growing up in the Bahamas as one of three boys whose father raised them after their mother died. Part II offers gems of wisdom and spiritual inspiration, while Part III provides a reflection of Bahamian cultural and historical perspectives. Serving as a role model, Cooper’s memoir serves to encourage others to aspire to fulfill their God-given destinies by contributing to the economic, social, moral, and spiritual development of the cities and nations.


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Bahama Rapture

Author: Jolene Prewit-Parker
Publisher: Zebra Books
ISBN: 9780821710180
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The Up Saga

Author: Susan M. Martin
Publisher: NIAS Press
ISBN: 9788791114519
Size: 78.89 MB
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Histories of the plantations sector in Malaysia have largely focused on the rubber industry and on the rise and fall of big British-owned colonial enterprises. But since independence, the sector has entered a new phase of spectacular growth founded on the oil palm. This volume offers a radically different history of a firm which spans both eras. The fascinating story of United Plantations Berhad (UP) highlights a Scandinavian-founded firm that evolved along quite different lines from the normal models of British imperial business. Tracing the company's origins before the First World War, it describes the crisis years of economic depression and Japanese occupation then on to the years of spectacular growth which has lasted since the time of the Emergency and Merdeka right up to the present day. The success of this firm - based not just on an extraordinary combination of agricultural, engineering and marketing innovation but also on the company's engagement and commitment to its local environment - provides a glowing example of a partnership between Europeans and Asians which has benefited both sides.

The Schuler Saga

Author: Charles Schuler
ISBN: 0557565790
Size: 58.66 MB
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This book is about the adventures of Charlie and Marianne. It covers their sailing adventures, adventures with grandchildren and land adventures. It also shows the role God had in their lives and how He has formed them in their Christian walk.