Algebra Topology And Category Theory

Author: Alex Heller
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 1483262618
Size: 24.92 MB
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Algebra, Topology, and Category Theory: A Collection of Papers in Honor of Samuel Eilenberg is a collection of papers dealing with algebra, topology, and category theory in honor of Samuel Eilenberg. Topics covered range from large modules over artin algebras to two-dimensional Poincaré duality groups, along with the homology of certain H-spaces as group ring objects. Variable quantities and variable structures in topoi are also discussed. Comprised of 16 chapters, this book begins by looking at the relationship between the representation theories of finitely generated and large (not finitely generated) modules over an artin algebra. The reader is then introduced to reduced bar constructions on deRham complexes; some properties of two-dimensional Poincaré duality groups; and properties invariant within equivalence types of categories. Subsequent chapters explore the work of Samuel Eilenberg in topology; local complexity of finite semigroups; global dimension of ore extensions; and the spectrum of a ringed topos. This monograph will be a useful resource for students and practitioners of algebra and mathematics.

From A Geometrical Point Of View

Author: Jean-Pierre Marquis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402093845
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From a Geometrical Point of View explores historical and philosophical aspects of category theory, trying therewith to expose its significance in the mathematical landscape. The main thesis is that Klein’s Erlangen program in geometry is in fact a particular instance of a general and broad phenomenon revealed by category theory. The volume starts with Eilenberg and Mac Lane’s work in the early 1940’s and follows the major developments of the theory from this perspective. Particular attention is paid to the philosophical elements involved in this development. The book ends with a presentation of categorical logic, some of its results and its significance in the foundations of mathematics. From a Geometrical Point of View aims to provide its readers with a conceptual perspective on category theory and categorical logic, in order to gain insight into their role and nature in contemporary mathematics. It should be of interest to mathematicians, logicians, philosophers of mathematics and science in general, historians of contemporary mathematics, physicists and computer scientists.

Papers In Honour Of Bernhard Banaschewski

Author: Guillaume Brümmer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401725292
Size: 25.95 MB
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Proceedings of the BB Fest 96, a conference held at the University of Cape Town, 15-20 July 1996, on Category Theory and its Applications to Topology, Order and Algebra

Doing Mathematics

Author: Martin H. Krieger
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789812382061
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This book discusses some ways of doing mathematical work and the subject matter that is being worked upon and created. It argues that the conventions we adopt, the subject areas we delimit, what we can prove and calculate about the physical world, and the analogies that work for mathematicians--all depend on mathematics, what will work out and what won't. And the mathematics, as it is done, is shaped and supported, or not, by convention, subject matter, calculation, and analogy. The causes studied include the central limit theorem of statistics, the sound of the shape of a drum, the connection between algebra and topology, the stability of matter, the Ising model, and the Langlands Program in number theory and representation theory. Contents: Convention: How Means and Variances are Entrenched as Statistics; Subject: The Fields of Topology; Appendix: The Two-Dimensional Ising Model of a Ferromagner; Calculation: Strategy, Structure, and Tactics in Applying Classical Analysis; Analogy; A Syzygy Between a research Program in Mathematics and a Research Program in Physics, Each of Which is Itself an Analogy; Mathematics in Concreto. Readership: Mathematicians, Physicists, philosophers and historians of science.

Contemporary Trends In Algebraic Geometry And Algebraic Topology

Author: Shiing-Shen Chern
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789812777416
Size: 33.32 MB
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The Wei-Liang Chow and Kuo-Tsai Chen Memorial Conference was proposed and held by Prof S S Chern in Nankai Institute of Mathematics. It was devoted to memorializing those two outstanding and original Chinese mathematicians who had made significant contributions to algebraic geometry and algebraic topology, respectively. It also provided a forum for leading mathematicians to expound and discuss their views on new ideas in these fields, as well as trends in 21st Century mathematics. About 100 mathematicians participated in the conference, including Sir Michael Atiyah, Jacob Palis, Phillip Griffiths, David Eisenbud, Philippe Tondeur, Yujiro Kawamata, Tian Gang, etc.This invaluable volume contains the selected papers presented at the conference. The topics include canonical maps of Gorenstein 3-folds, fundamental groups of algebraic curves, Chen''s interated integrals, algebraic fiber spaces, and others.

Selected Papers

Author: Saunders Mac Lane
Publisher: Springer Verlag
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