A History Of The Peninsular War The Biographical Dictionary Of British Officers Killed And Wounded 1808 1814

Author: Sir Charles William Chadwick Oman
Publisher: Greenhill Pr
ISBN: 9781853673153
Size: 70.92 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Sir Charles Oman's monumental study is unquestionably the most complete and readable account of the Peninsular War ever written; it is also breathtaking in its scope and detail. The seven volumes chart the course of the war, from its opening shots In 1807, to the final expulsion of the French from Spain and invasion of France in 1814.

Wellington S Engineers

Author: Dr. Mark S. Thomson
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473858437
Size: 30.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The role of the Royal Engineers in the Peninsular War has long been neglected and often misunderstood, and Mark Thompson's history is the first full account of their work and of the contribution they made throughout the conflict. He draws on his unrivalled collection of the engineers' letters and diaries in order to tell, in vivid detail, the story of the war as they experienced it. His narrative describes their role in all the major operations between 1808 and 1814, and it demonstrates the extraordinary range of tasks they undertook, from surveys and reconnaissance to the building of roads and bridges, siege works and field fortifications. His deeply researched study will be fascinating reading for anyone who is interested in the history of military engineering and a vital text for readers who are keen to broaden their understanding of the Peninsular War.

Wellington S Brigade Commanders

Author: Robert Burnham
ISBN: 1473850827
Size: 12.11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Recent research into the Duke of Wellington's armies during the Peninsular War and the Waterloo campaign has enhanced our understanding of the men he led, and this new biographical guide to his brigade commanders is a valuable contribution to this growing field. Ron McGuigan and Robert Burnham have investigated the lives and careers of a group of men who performed a vital role in Wellington's chain of command. These officers were the brigadiers and major generals who, for a variety of reasons, never made the jump to become permanent division commanders. Their characters, experience and level of competence were key factors in the successes and failures of the army as a whole. Their biographies give us a fascinating insight into their individual backgrounds, their strengths and weaknesses, and the makeup of the society they came from. Each biography features a table covering essential information on the individual, his birth and death dates, the dates of his promotions and details of his major commands. This is followed by a concise account of his life and service.

Burgos In The Peninsular War 1808 1814

Author: C. Esdaile
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113743290X
Size: 47.23 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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For a full month in the autumn of 1812 the 2,000-strong garrison of the fortress the French had constructed to overawe the city of Burgos defied the Duke of Wellington. In this work a leading historian of the Peninsular teams up with a leading conflict archaeologist to examine the reasons for Wellington's failure.

Wellington S Army In The Peninsula 1809 14

Author: Stuart Reid
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472802195
Size: 61.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This highly detailed study provides a clear account of how the British Army was organised, who commanded it, and how it functioned in the field during the Peninsular War. Focusing principally on infantry, cavalry and artillery, including foreign units in British pay, it provides a detailed and comprehensive order of battle. Doctrine, training, tactics and equipment are discussed in depth, and medical services and engineers are also covered. Concise biographical details of key commanders, over 60 unit tree diagrams, organisational tables, plus numerous illustrations make this an essential reference work for students of this period.

A Boy In The Peninsular War

Author: Robert Blakeney
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1781499756
Size: 52.24 MB
Format: PDF
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The Peninsular War was the first of Britain’s many foreign conflicts in which increasing literacy produced a bumper crop of memoirs, not only by Generals and senior officers, but by ordinary rankers and subalterns too. This book is one of the very best. It’s author, Robert Blakeney, enlisted in 1804 in the 28th regiment of Infantry as an Irish boy at the tender age of fifteen. As such, he was in at the beginning of the long war in the Iberian peninsular, and stuck through to the end, witnessing at first hand the changing fortunes of war. He was with Sir John Moore in his advance - and in his fatal retreat to Corunna. When Wellington took command, Blakeney served under him at the battles of Arroyo Molinos and the siege of Badajoz; crossed the Pyrenees and took part in one of the war’s final battles at Nivelle. Apart from his own experiences and adventures, Blakeney gives unvarnished pen portraits of many of the Iron Duke’s great subordinates, including Generals Picton, Paget and Hill. For all Napoelonic fans this charming memoir is a must.