The Class Of 74

Author: John A. Lawrence
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421424703
Size: 47.44 MB
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In November 1974, following the historic Watergate scandal, Americans went to the polls determined to cleanse American politics. Instead of producing the Republican majority foreshadowed by Richard Nixon’s 1972 landslide, dozens of GOP legislators were swept out of the House, replaced by 76 reforming Democratic freshmen. In The Class of '74, John A. Lawrence examines how these newly elected representatives bucked the status quo in Washington, helping to effectuate unprecedented reforms. Lawrence’s long-standing work in Congress afforded him unique access to former members, staff, House officers, journalists, and others, enabling him to challenge the time-honored reputation of the Class as idealistic, narcissistic, and naïve "Watergate Babies." Their observations help reshape our understanding of the Class and of a changing Congress through frank, humorous, and insightful opinions. These reformers provided the votes to disseminate power, elevate suppressed issues, and expand participation by junior legislators in congressional deliberations. But even as such innovations empowered progressive Democrats, the greater openness they created, combined with changing undercurrents in American politics in the mid-1970s, facilitated increasingly bitter battles between liberals and conservatives. These disputes foreshadowed contemporary legislative gridlock and a divided Congress. Today, many observers point to gerrymandering, special-interest money, and a host of other developments to explain the current dysfunction of American politics. In The Class of '74, Lawrence argues that these explanations fail to recognize deep roots of partisanship. To fully understand the highly polarized political environment that now pervades the House and American politics, we must examine the complex politics, including a more open and contentious House, that emerged in the wake of Watergate.


Author: Joan Harcourt
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Beer Can Chicken

Author: Steven Raichlen
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 0761120165
Size: 24.76 MB
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An essential addition to every grill jockey's library, "Beer-Can Chicken" presents 75 must-try beer-can variations and other offbeat recipes for the grill. Whether on a can, on a stick, under a brick, in a leaf, on a plank, or in the embers, each grilling technique is explained in easy-to-follow steps, with recipes that guarantee no matter how crazy the technique, the results are always outstanding. So pop a cold one and have some fun!

Spokane S Expo 74

Author: Bill Cotter
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1467125555
Size: 53.78 MB
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74 Hustle

Author: Peter Cannizzaro
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781426938108
Size: 45.57 MB
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"'74 Hustle" tells the story of an ordinary man who talked his way into an extraordinary situation. It is a fantastic journey through the famed Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, former home of quite possibly the greatest football team to have ever played and surely the greatest team of the 1970s. Author Peter Cannizzaro was fortunate enough to be the personal guest of the 1974 Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers for their twenty-five year reunion on a fateful night in October, 1999-during a regular Monday night Steelers game. Although Cannizzaro is a native of Louisiana, he is a lifelong fan of the Steelers who had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in Pittsburgh at the same time that the Steelers celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their amazing Super Bowl win. By chance, he met a '74 Steelers team member. Through a turn of events, the author found himself meeting team members. "'74 Hustle" takes you on the bus ride with the team to the game, to the extravagant pre-game party, on the sidelines for the whole game, and on the most amazing bus ride home. Experience the most amazing NFL play-the "'74 Hustle."

74 Miles Away

Author: J.D. Carpenter
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1770702377
Size: 65.61 MB
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Long-listed for the 2009 ReLit Award Because business is slow for retired homicide detective Campbell Young’s new enterprise, A-1 Investigative Consultants, he decides to take a break a horse-playing vacation to Florida. No sooner are his plans made, however, than his old friend Priam Harvey approaches him with a complex problem: a young Caribbean jazz musician has been found dead in a Toronto hotel room, his body surrounded by the paraphernalia of voodoo. Harvey, whose connection to the victim is revealed to be more than casual, persuades Young to put aside his Racing Form and pick up the trail of the killer. Young’s pursuit takes him all the way from the nightclubs of New York to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and the backwater bars of Grand Bahama Island before the possibility presents itself that the murderer might actually be right in his own backyard. This is book #3 of the Campbell Young Mystery series. Book #2 is Bright’s Kill (Dundurn, 2005), and book #1 is The Devil in Me (McClelland & Stewart, 2001)

Cross Cultural Dialogues

Author: Craig Storti
Publisher: Nicholas Brealey
ISBN: 1941176054
Size: 11.80 MB
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A collection of 74 brief conversations between an American and people from other cultures.

Advanced Cobol

Author: Philip B. Robinson
Size: 60.37 MB
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